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New Release: Eryn, King of the Brawl – Kashel Char

Eryn King of the Brawl - Kashel Char

QSFer Kashel Char has a new MM sci-fantasy book out, New Beginnings book 2: Eryn, King of the Brawl.

What if the world constantly restarted with a New Beginning, what would it look like? Where would it restart and where is the head and where is the tail of this big circle of life on Earth? Who is responsible for it all and how did it happen?

South Africa, 21 A.T., was like Antarctica, cold, dark, and barren. Nothing should be able to survive in the Brawl’s nest, but Eryn and his brothers did. Eryn slipped in and out of the mines all his life to visit Phoenix, the last vestige of human civilization. Mika and Connor’s twins captivated him. So, he splits his priorities between his frog family and the human family he longed to join. Using his empathic monarchical power, he forces them to hibernate while he snuck through Phoenix, watching the twins grow up. He longed to join them, but Eryn’s egg brother Ernest is cunning and a psycho cannibalistic frog man. Eryn’s opposite in every way. To save the humans and be free, he has to eliminate them, but he’s not a murderer. Thus, isolating himself, making life complicated.

This fast-paced rescue mission uncovers millennia-old secrets and the true origin of humans. Mika and Connor can’t understand their boys’ infatuation with Eryn. Maybe it’s Stockholm, but one thing’s for sure, Eryn’s double-dipping. He would go to lengths to please them. Sharing comes naturally to Ivan and Cian, like sharing an ice cream.

What to expect: M/M/M and M/M pairings. Sci-Fi Fantasy Mashup. Eryn, King of the Brawl is the second book in a planned post-apocalyptic sci-fi fantasy series featuring gifted otherworldly paranormal beings falling in love. Warning: This story has explicit and graphic depictions of imprisonment, violence, blood, and gore. It is unsuitable for young and sensitive readers or anyone offended by gay sex. Copyright © 2023 Kashel Char. All rights reserved.

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Author Bio

Kashel Char means Castle Black. Chosen for the apparent reason that Kashel is a Game Of Thrones fan.

“I found it surprisingly beautiful. In a brutal, horribly uncomfortable sort of way.”―Tyrion Lannister to Janos Slynt.

Kashel is a Canadian speculative Male/Male Sci-Fi Fantasy and Paranormal Romance writer, currently residing in the Rocky Mountains of beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

Kashel’s writing is all about exploring the questions about who we are, where we came from and where are we going as a human race on Earth. Kashel weaves and bubblegum taboo questions and subjects by creating new exciting worlds and characters. Their stories are unpredictable, sickly twisted with a dash of humor, centered around gay characters. Kashel’s wild imagination will have you question your existence among these worlds and make you wish you could escape to these places peppered with foul-mouthed heroes who struggle and strive to save humankind. Kashel believes that sexuality is a beautiful and fluid thing that comes in all shapes and sizes.

Their books are geared towards M/M readers who are open to exploring their deepest questions, desires, and darkest secrets, with stories that are filled with steamy moments between men from different worlds and futuristic cultures.

Pronoun: I/We He/She Gender Non-conforming, Gender Fluid.


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