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New Release: New Edge Sword & Sorcery #1

New Edge Sword & Sorcery #1

Editor Oliver Brackenbury has a new speculative fiction magazine out that includes LGBTQ+ stories (bi, lesbian, non-binary, poly): New Edge Sword & Sorcery #1.

Made with love for the classics, and an inclusive, boundary-pushing approach to storytelling! Seven stories and four non-fiction pieces – 80 pages, ePub & PDF formats. Featuring new, original work by:

  • Gemma Files
  • Jeremy Pak Lin
  • David C. Smith
  • T.K. Rex & L. Ann Kinyon
  • Dariel Quiogue
  • JM Clarke
  • Jacquie Hoffman
  • Milton Davis
  • Jonathan Olfert
  • Kris Vyas-Myall
  • Oliver Brackenbury

Digital Format | Hardcover | Paperback

Author Bio

Oliver Brackenbury grew up around the corner from a five story deep cold war bunker, as one does, and can now be found living not far from a popular 1,815.4 ft tower in Toronto. He mostly writes novels and screenplays, in a variety of genres, hosts the So I’m Writing a Novel… and Unknown Worlds of the Merril Collection podcasts, and edits this very magazine. Heck, he’ll even edit your writing, if you pay him! He loves to talk story.

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