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New Release: Red Pandamonium – Roan Rosser

Red Pandamonium - Roan Rosser

Roan Rosser has a new queer comedic urban fantasy out: Red Pandamonium. And there’s a giveaway. When you have chaos magic, the only thing you can do is expect the … Read more

NEW RELEASE: Outcast’s Song – Jaymie Wagner

Outcast's Song

QSFer Jaymie Wagner has a new queer urban fantasy/horror/paranormal shifter book out, Sing for Me book 2: Outcast’s Song. Sequel to Orphan’s Cry More than fifty years before Leah Corbyn … Read more

NEW RELEASE: The Circus Infinite – Khan Wong

The Circus Infinite - Khan Wong

QSFer Khan Wong has a new queer space opera out (ace, bi, gay, poly, trans mtf): The Circus Infinite. A circus takes down a crime-boss on the galaxy’s infamous pleasure … Read more