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New Release: The Bogeyman and the Schoolteacher – Chloe Archer

The Bogeyman and the School Teacher - Chloe Archer

QSFer Chloe Archer has a new MM paranormal romance out: The Bogeyman and the Schoolteacher.

Welcome to Monsters Hollow, where love knows no bounds—even in a town full of monsters!

When Principal Emrys Bogey sets his sights on the new schoolteacher, Jayden Bell, he’s determined to win his heart. But as a bogeyman, he knows his unconventional nature and intimidating appearance might be too much for a human to handle. Can Principal Bogey find a way to woo his crush without scaring him away? Maybe there’s more to the sweet Jayden Bell than meets the eye…

Buckle up for the prequel ushering in a new cozy M/M monster romance series by Chloe Archer where the sparks fly and the spice sizzles!

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Principal Bogey, my own personal bogeyman, has been stalking me for months now.

Just kidding. He’s been walking me home after work every day, but in what I suspect is a very bogeyman fashion.

I adjust my messenger bag over my hip and lock up my classroom. I’m leaving work at a reasonable hour for a change, and the sky is still a warm mix of oranges, purples, and pinks as the sun sets on the horizon. It’s early May here in Mystic Hollow—better known among the outside world as Monsters Hollow—and we’re still experiencing the tail end of cooler spring temperatures before full-fledged summer hits.

I’d always dreamed of moving to a Sanctuary Haven when I finished college. My student teaching had been at an integrated human and Otherkind elementary school in Albany and quickly fell in love with all my students, but especially the Otherkind kids who found adapting to the human realm challenging—and often needed extra support in a world that didn’t always accept them. It lit a fire in me. I wanted to be a teacher who could help all students grow and realize their full potential. I’d applied to every job I could find that would let me continue working with a similarly diverse group of kids. When the position at Mystic Hollow Elementary became available, and my first visit to the town drew me in so strongly that I never wanted to leave, it felt like destiny.

Now, here I am, six months later, loving my life. I have the best job in the world and the most amazing students.

And I just might be getting my love life in order. I can’t stop myself from skipping as I start my route home. The sidewalk leading away from town is lined by dense forest on one side and a park on the other. From the shadows of the trees only a few feet away, my shy bogeyman is tracking me like clockwork. Call me kooky, but I find it so cute the way he lurks until I notice him. It doesn’t seem to matter when I leave school—Emrys always knows and manages to follow me at the right moment. Admittedly, it makes my heart flutter every time because I know what to expect next.

“Hi, Emrys!” I call out, waving.

It’s part of our routine.

Grinning shyly, he waves back. “Good evening, Jayden. May I walk you home?”

He always asks my permission. It’s so damn adorable.

“Of course! But are you sure you don’t want to walk beside me on the sidewalk?” I coax. I know he won’t, but I ask every time. This has become part of our little ritual too.

“I can better protect you from here but thank you.”

“I don’t think I’m in any imminent danger.”

“It’s always best to be prepared. This is a more isolated end of town and there are many dangers in the forest.”

I sigh fondly. In all honesty, I’m safer in this town than anywhere I’ve lived before. Sadly, some in Mystic Hollow might view me as the more frightening and intimidating threat in their midst precisely because I’m human.

It sucks but I get it. My people don’t have a good track record when it comes to our Otherkind counterparts.

Author Bio

Chloe Archer writes M/M sci-fi and paranormal rom coms with laugh out loud humor because she’s all about bringing the funny-sexy back. Oh, yeah!

She currently calls Minnesota home, but has lived abroad in places like Montreal, Edinburgh, and Tokyo. She’s hoping to relocate to Scotland permanently one day if the stars align.

Chloe is a fur mama to two adorable Yorkies, Jasper and Teddy, and she loves them in a crazy dog mama kind of way. When she isn’t busy writing, she enjoys visiting friends and family, traveling, reading, binge watching movies and TV shows, and practicing her karaoke skills. She does a mean cover of Pat Benatar and Cher, or so she’s been told.

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