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Review: How to Get a Girlfriend When You’re a Terrifying Monster – Marie Cardno

How to Get a Girlfriend When You’re a Terrifying Monster - Marie Cardno

Genre: Paranormal, Romance LGBTQ+ Category: Lesbian Reviewer: Lucy Get It On Amazon About The Book Life is tough when you’re an eldritch abomination. Trillin isn’t technically a person. She’s a tiny breakaway piece of consciousness from the all-devouring Endless, doomed to eventually rejoin it. But when a human witch stumbles into her world, Trillin suddenly has a new reason to figure out individuality–one shape-shifting tentacle at a time. Sian is sure important magical discoveries are just around the corner, if she can just get her portals to work reliably. Reaching the dimension of the Endless without being eaten on sight … Read more

New Release: Cove’s Tentacles – J. Hali Steele

Cove's Tentacles - J. Hali Steele

QSFer J. Hali Steele has a new MM erotic paranormal book out: Cove’s Tentacles. Cove Deville knows he can’t touch alcohol without facing dire consequences. One drink thrown in his face from a hook-up gone embarrassingly wrong and he’s trapped in a large cooler and tossed into a lake. Fresh water will have to do — better than nothing. Wrong. Discovered on the lake’s sandy shore, he’s captured by a bewildering man. Cove’s life, or what’s left of it if he doesn’t find salt water fast, is about to drastically change. Kilson Arestes can not recall the last time he … Read more

New Release: The Bogeyman and the Schoolteacher – Chloe Archer

The Bogeyman and the School Teacher - Chloe Archer

QSFer Chloe Archer has a new MM paranormal romance out: The Bogeyman and the Schoolteacher. Welcome to Monsters Hollow, where love knows no bounds—even in a town full of monsters! When Principal Emrys Bogey sets his sights on the new schoolteacher, Jayden Bell, he’s determined to win his heart. But as a bogeyman, he knows his unconventional nature and intimidating appearance might be too much for a human to handle. Can Principal Bogey find a way to woo his crush without scaring him away? Maybe there’s more to the sweet Jayden Bell than meets the eye… Buckle up for the … Read more

New Release: Stolen From Tomorrow – Fox Beckman

Stolen From Tomorrow - Fox Beckman

Fox Beckman has a new queer urban fantasy/time travel book out (gay-non-binary): Stolen From Tomorrow. Ravi Abhiramnew’s job is simple: hunt down and neutralize supernatural threats. That is until he meets Cayenne, a charismatic time traveler who claims to know everything about him—even his most closely guarded secrets. Going to dinner with Cayenne is probably a bad idea, and a romantic island getaway definitely is. When a monster picks their resort as its hunting ground, Ravi’s combat skills and Cayenne’s time magic should make it a breeze to kill the monster and get their vacation back on track. But it … Read more

New Release: Monstersona – Chloe Spencer

Monstersona - Chloe Spencer

QSFer Chloe Spencer has a new FF YA monster romance out: Monsterona. There’s a little monster in all of us. After her parents’ divorce, 16 year old Riley Grishin is forced to move from Portland, Oregon all the way to Little Brook, Maine, a small town that serves as the headquarters for Titan Technologies, an international tech laboratory. Having left her friends and father behind, Riley spends most of her days running through the woods with her dog Tigger, and eavesdropping on her classmates-in particular, the gorgeous, but very strange, Aspen Montehugh. On the night of the homecoming game, Riley … Read more

New Release: Wraiths Adore Gods – Toshi Drake

Wraiths Adore Gods - Toshi Drake

QSFer Toshi Drake has a new MM fantasy romance out, Monsters in Love book 2: Wraiths Adore Gods. With his friends’ lives on the line, can Adam find the confidence in magic to save them? When Trey rescued a mushroom child on the night of the Red Storm, he didn’t think his whole life would be upended. Nothing that happened after that night was part of his plans, other than maybe asking out Adam, the man who helped save MushMush. Not all is well. A new enemy is in town and he has his eyes set on Adam and Trey. … Read more

New Release: As Fast As She Can – E. F. Schraeder

As Fast as She Can

E. F. Schraeder has a new lesbian horror / coming of age book out: As Fast As She Can. Living in a quiet house on the outskirts of town, Ginger isn’t like the other girls. When she wakes up and discovers the unthinkable about her adoptive parents, she runs away and goes on a rampage straight to the only friend she has. Can she control what they both become? With a violent, growing hunger and more questions than answers, Ginger has nowhere to turn. Amazon | Universal Buy Link Excerpt Two dozen camps dotted the acreage around the five-mile perimeter of … Read more

NEW RELEASE / GIVEAWAY: The Scars That Bind Us – Michele Notaro

The Scars That Bind Us - Michelle Notaro

Michele Notaro has a new MM urban fantasy out: The Scars that Bind Us. And there’s a giveaway! Sometimes the worst scars are the ones you can’t see. Growing up in the magi compound was far from easy. I didn’t think I’d ever get out of that horrid place, but eighteen years ago, my world changed. I was allowed freedoms I’d never had before, although, even today, I was still at the Non-Human Specialties Operations’ beck and call. Which is how I find myself on a team with my best friend, five shifters, and a human. Now, I have to figure … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT/GIVEAWAY: The Werewolf and His Boy – Warren Rochelle

The Werewolf And His Boy - Warren Rochelle

Warren Rochelle has a new gay paranormal romance out: “The Werewolf and His Boy.” And there’s a giveaway! Their leap of faith could unleash magic—or plunge them into darkness.Henry Thorn has worked at Larkin’s since graduating high school. He likes it—especially when he can use his secret skill of hiding inside shadows so his boss can’t find them. Without that talent, he would never had survived growing up different. When a hire enters the store, Henry’s other latent talent kicks in. He can smell an emotional response even before he lays eyes on the redhead. Jamey Currey came out, and … Read more

SCIENCE: Monsters in Real Life


People are fascinated by monstrous creatures, and popular culture and folklore are populated by bizarre beasts, from electrically reanimated corpses and giant, hairy humanoids to blood-guzzling vampires and amorous fish-men. Are any of these monsters even remotely possible in the real world? Not every monster is scientifically plausible, but many do have their foundations in the natural world’s real-life “monsters,” a group of experts reported here March 31 during the Future Con panel “Ack, Real Monsters.” They weighed in on what makes a monster and introduced the audience to some terrifying examples of animals that are just as strange and … Read more