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New Release: The Coming End – Ms. Angel Food

The Coming End - Ms. Angel Food

QSFer Ms. Angel Food has a new MM superhero book out: The Coming End.

Spotlight, who sleeps with a new guy every night, is recognized more for appearing in infomercials than being a superhero.

After a sudden blackout, he and the rest of the world are unable to get physically aroused. No stimulation, no release. Desperate to get back to normal, Spotlight meets Gavin, a prudish scientist, hoping to find a cure.

After the Crusaders, the world’s top heroes, are put out of commission, Spotlight and Gavin are left as the planet’s last hope. They have to put aside their dislike for each other to save the world. Yet the more time they spend together, the more they discover how much they need one another.

Ms. Angel Food’s first novel-length book features a thrilling enemies-to-lovers romance, high heat and spicy scenes, plus tentacles, spandex, and happy endings (both kinds!).

Includes code to unlock bonus material from the full The Coming End event!

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This wasn’t the first time Spotlight had woken up in a stranger’s bed. The challenge was escaping without waking that stranger.

It was hot, and smelled of sweat and berry lube, inviting Spotlight to stay under the covers, and maybe try for round four. This was the usual choice he faced. But the longer he stayed, the more likely something terrible would happen, like learning the guy’s name. Spotlight lifted the corner of the blanket and slid his foot over the edge, careful not to rustle the mattress.

The stranger rolled over. Spotlight froze with his leg hanging over the bed’s edge. The guy’s eyes were still closed. Spotlight waited, holding his breath.

The morning after lacked all the kinkiness of the night before. This was raw, with his naked body coated in sweat and a crust of cum lingering on his cock. He didn’t like being seen like this, especially in the harsh morning light. At night, Spotlight could strut around in his spandex suit, flash a smile, and have his choice of guy (or guys). He knew the best superhero clubs in Edge City, and the goal of everyone there was to get underneath his spandex. Sometimes he’d hook up right at the club, then fly back to his own bed. Every once in a while, he went home with someone. But never to his place. Only theirs. Only with strangers.

Spotlight inched his butt to the side of the bed and stretched his foot to the cold floor.

His phone rang.

The guy grumbled, then yawned. His arms stretched out, pushing the blanket away, revealing a muscular, hairy chest and hairier armpits. His eyes opened. He smiled. “Hey there.”

The phone kept ringing, a steady chime of electronic beeps and boops that resembled a PR firm’s idea of “sounding futuristic.”

A red hue covered the room through the closed blinds. Spotlight struggled to adjust to the dimness. He lifted his finger. The tip glowed a pale white, washing over the dark floor and bringing the previous night’s mess into view. Clothes lined a path from the door to the bed, mostly the other guy’s. A lamp remained on its side. A bookshelf looked like it had survived an earthquake. They’d managed to mess up every surface in the room.

Under the window sparkled the iridescent spandex of Spotlight’s uniform. His phone lay face down beside it.

Spotlight jumped from the bed and grabbed his phone with his unlit hand. “Hold that thought,” he said, distracted by the guy’s flexing biceps. He extinguished the light from his finger, tapped the screen, then brought it to his ear.

“Spotlight, baby, how’s my favorite superhero?” His agent. Kenneth Holt.


“Work,” Spotlight whispered to his hookup. If this call went on too long, at some point, the guy would start talking. Asking questions. Like what’s his name?

Whatshisname wrinkled his nose, then rolled onto his back and stretched his arms behind his head. The blanket slipped down, revealing his chiseled abs. Spotlight turned away to avoid temptation.

“What’s up?” he said into the phone.

“Scaffolding collapse on Wackker Dr.,” Kenneth said. “Press is already on their way. Major client owns the building, so avoid any more damage.”

Spotlight stood naked over his uniform, stiff in all the wrong places. “Anyone hurt?”

“Nah. Just two construction workers stuck on what’s remaining. It’ll be a quick photo op, then get to the office. New sponsors I want you to meet.”

Photo ops. That was how he spent his time as a superhero—promoting products instead of saving the world.

“Where’s the fire department?” Spotlight asked.

“They don’t have investors to keep happy.” Kenneth’s acerbic tone stung through the phone. “Save the day, then get over here.”

Spotlight bit his lip, holding back what he wanted to say. Future Industries had funded his superhero lifestyle for almost five years now. He had a contract. “I’ll be there in fifteen.”

“Ten,” Kenneth said. “Channel 6 is already there.”

Spotlight sighed. “I’m on my way.”

“That’s my boy,” Kenneth said. “Give ‘em a good show.”

Spotlight tossed the phone on the bed and turned away.

“The world’s not ending, is it?” the guy asked.

“Nothing to worry about.” Spotlight reached down for his uniform.

“You’re my first superhero.” The guy posed on his side, letting the blanket drape seductively over his waist and leg. “I’m up for another go. Especially with you showing off like that.”

Spotlight stared at the hunk, inviting him back into that warm bed. The spandex uniform draped between his fingers, so light it barely registered as weight.

There were hundreds of superheroes in this city. Any one of them could deal with this situation better than he could. Firefighters, police, someone with a tall ladder. The only reason Spotlight got the call was because he was under contract–the lackey for a large corporation looking to engender some goodwill by sponsoring the “Superhero from the Future.” Guarantee a brighter future by casting a spotlight on it. Groan.

“Sorry,” Spotlight said, looking down at his bare feet. “Can’t now.” He tapped the button on the waist of his uniform. The fabric glowed, then expanded around his legs, up his waist and torso, and reached out over his arms. Blue and silver covered his body, clinging to his muscles and molding to his body. Goggles appeared over his eyes and metal bands wrapped around his wrists.

“That’s fucking hot,” the guy said, featuring a hard-on between his spread open legs. “You haven’t told me about my future yet…” He crawled across the bed and reached for Spotlight’s spandex covered bulge. His fingers traced the clear outline of his shaft, tightening the fabric enough to leave little to the imagination. He squeezed the spandex, sliding up along the silky surface, leading to unwanted excitement underneath. The guy’s lips came forward, open and eager. If they made contact, Spotlight knew he would be caught in their trap.

“Quick,” Spotlight said. “I’ve got to save the day.”

“You know what this mouth can do,” the guy said. “I can’t let you leave without another taste.”

Author Bio

Ms. Angel Food began her dimension-hopping Drag Queen career dancing with tentacle monsters and lip-synching with carnivorous plants. Through her travels, she’s collected a menagerie of fetishes and fantasies, and brings these suites of pleasure to treat horniness and arousal wherever they may be.

A rough landing stranded her between the fracture of our world and those beyond. Until she finds a way home, Ms. Angel Food has made it her mission to bring joy to the people of Earth through their libidos.

Ms. Angel Food has recruited a team of gorgeous male models, who perform in elaborate set pieces to fulfill all types of erotic fantasies. These models are eager to be tied up, titillated, and tortured for your entertainment.

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