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New Release: The Lusty Journey of Perseus – Arthur Griffin

The Lusty Journey of Perseus - Arthur Griffin

QSFer Arthur Griffin has a new MM historical erotic fantasy out: The Lusty Journey of Perseus.

You’ve never heard the story of Perseus and Medusa told quite like this before!

At just nineteen, the handsome and naive Perseus is given a devastating choice: venture out into the world for the first time to slay the monster Medusa, or watch his mother be forcibly married to his homeland’s tyrannical king. Raised on a small island nation where most everyone goes naked and the main activity is fishing, Perseus is ill-prepared for a quest that includes any sort of danger.

Fortunately, he has the gods on his side. After a sexy romp with the Greek god Hermes, he’s given both instructions and an invaluable gift: winged sandals that allow him to fly.

When he teams up with a Corinthian prince who wins his heart, Perseus embarks on one of the great adventures of the ages. Will Perseus be able to save his mother, slay the monster, and live happily ever after with his prince?

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They lay together on the grass and looked up at the clouds for a while. Then Bellerophon rolled onto his side and looked at Perseus. “You really never wear clothes, do you?”

Perseus lifted himself up on his elbows and looked down at his nude body. “It just wasn’t something we did much of at home. I have this traveling cloak, and I do have a tunic in my pack. But it’s so warm out. It just feels unnecessary.”

Bellerophon laughed. He then shrugged, grabbed the hem of his tunic, and pulled it up over his head, revealing his body. “Hmm,” he said. “I don’t know. I just feel exposed.”

Even as he said the words, Bellerophon’s cock began to twitch. Perseus looked at it. He hadn’t learned of the delights of the body the last time he and Bellerophon had been naked together. Now as he looked at the young man’s cock, slowly expanding beneath the pillow of soft golden-brown hair, he began to salivate.

He looked up and saw Bellerophon was looking deep into his eyes. “I’ve… I’ve thought of you,” Bellerophon said. “Many times since that day on Seriphos.”

“You have?”

“Yes. That was the last time…” He blushed. “The last time I kissed anyone. The first and last time.”


Bellerophon nodded.

“Well, a few days ago I could have said the same thing. But it’s been an… interesting journey so far.”

“It sounds like it.”

Perseus drank in more of Bellerophon’s body. As Perseus remembered, Bellerophon was quite a bit brawnier than he was, with large muscles in his chest, arms, and thighs, and a pleasingly flat stomach. Very different than Perseus’s lean, wiry frame.

“I forgot how big you were,” Perseus said. “And I think your muscles are even larger than when I saw you last.”

“I play at sport quite a lot,” Bellerophon said. “It’s sort of expected for a prince. Most of it is dreadfully boring.”

Bellerophon’s cock had grown to full size, as had Perseus’s. They reclined there for a moment, facing each other but saying nothing.

“You look good, though,” Perseus said.

“As do you.”

Another moment passed.

“You’re hard,” Bellerophon said.

“So are you.”

“It’s interesting to see a hard cock up close.” Bellerophon was attempting ambivalence, but the tremor in his voice betrayed him. “I get hard in the gymnasium all the time. Something about running around naked. The other youths do, as well, but I’ve never been as close to them as I am to you now.”

Perseus raised an eyebrow.

“What does it feel like? Your cock, I mean. The texture.”

Perseus smiled and looked away. “Surely you’ve felt your own.” He was being coy, but it felt fun.

“Well, sure, of course. But I wonder if yours feels the same.”

“You can touch it if you want, I suppose. For comparison’s sake.”

“I can?”

Perseus nodded, and Bellerophon reached over and grazed Perseus’s cock with his fingertips, playing with it, pushing it down gently and watching it spring back up when released. With a finger he traced the slit on Perseus’s head. His finger came away sticky.

“It’s wet,” Bellerophon said, smiling hungrily.

“Because what you’re doing feels good.”

“What, um… what else feels good?”

Bellerophon grinned.

Author Bio

Arthur Griffin fell in love with mythology as a six-year-old when his mother, not able to find a sitter, took him with her to her art history class. They were studying Renaissance paintings of Greek and Roman legends, and he learned two very important things that day.

One, that there was a whole new world of thrilling stories and myths for him to explore and be enchanted by.

And two, dude! A lot of people were naked back then!

Since then, he’s always enjoyed the steamier side of stories of the ancient world, and is thrilled to be exploring them in his writing. Sometimes his stories are set in a fictional version of the past, or sometimes the gods of old come knockin’ (boots) in the present, but almost always there’s some element of mythology visible in his work.

A filmmaker and screenwriter, Arthur lives in Los Angeles with his husband. When he’s not writing fantastical tales of two (or more) dudes doing the bone dance, he enjoys hiking, karaoke, superhero comics, getting drinks in West Hollywood, going to the beach, going to the gym, going to the movies, and writing non-smutty screenplays.

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