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Review: Proud Pink Sky – Redfern Jon Barrett

Proud Pink Sky - Redfern Jon Barrett

Genre: Alt. History, Fantasy LGBTQ+ Category: Bi, Gay, Gender Fluid, Lesbian, Non-Binary, Poly, Trans FTM, Trans MTF, Queer Reviewers: Lucy & Eliza B. Get It At Amazon | Publisher | B&N | Book Depository About The … Read more

New Release: Testing Faith – A.C. Adams

Testing Faith - A.C. Adams

QSFer A.C. Adams has a new FF fantasy book out, Kalili’s Temptation book 2: Testing Faith. Kalili has Faith. Heaven and Hell don’t approve. Their trials have only begun! You’d … Read more

New Release: Midwinter Firelight – K.L. Noone

Midwinter Firelight - K.L. Noone

QSFer K.L. Noone has a new MM historical fantasy out: Midwinter Firelight. Kit Thompson, empath and Bow Street Preternatural Division constable, is looking forward to Midwinter. His lover Harry, Viscount … Read more

Review: The Full Moon Chronicles: 1847 – K.D. Murphy

1847 - K.S. Murphy

Genre: Historical, Fantasy, Erotic LGBTQ+ Category: Gay, Bisexual Reviewer: Maryann Get It At Amazon | Publisher | B&N | Smashwords About The Book Laurent Boudreaux, London’s Darling and most eligible bachelor in Town, should be … Read more

Review: Land of the Dead – Steven Hopstaken & Melissa Prusi

Land of the Dead - Steven Hopstaken & Melissa Prusi

Genre: Historical, Paranormal (Vampires & Werewolves) LGBTQ+ Category: Gay (Oscar Wilde) Reviewer: Maryann Get It On Amazon About The Book Bram Stoker and Oscar Wilde unite once more to battle … Read more