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REVIEW: Runes, Ruin, & Redemption, by Maz Maddox

Runes, Ruin, & Redemption - Maz Maddox

Title: Runes, Ruin & Redemption

Series: Stallion Ridge Book Five

Author: Maz Maddox

Genre: Historical, Fantasy, Romance

LGBTQ+ Category: MMM Gay

Publisher: NV Productions

Pages: 229

Reviewer: Melissa, Paranormal Romance Guild

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About The Book

Redemption has long evaded the former Enforcer, Sebastian. 
Viewed as a monster, Sebastian has roamed the country in hiding, running from his bloody past and failures. A series of mistakes has left him hopelessly lost and waist deep in dark, uncharted territory. In order to escape certain death, he makes a deal that may seal his fate.

Lucas has been chasing after his heart for years. Sebastian has been a ghost he cannot grasp and the demons of his past are closing in. Joined by Elliot, a charming and mysterious doctor, the pair wades into darkness and untold dangers.
Lucas had expected to face all manner of foes on his way to save Sebastian. 

He didn’t expect Elliot to be the missing piece of the puzzle. 


Runes, Ruin & Redemption is book 5 in the Stallion Ridge series. While the relationships are self contained, the plot ties back to the first 2 books in the series. It is recommended to read those before starting with book 5. 

The Review

I was waiting for this next book in the Stallion Ridge series.  Part of me was skeptical because I loved the last novella and I was worried I would be let down.

Little did I know that Maz Maddox was going to wow me with this story!  Not only did this story tackle the challenges of a poly relationship, but then the guys in that relationship each had pasts with major issues to overcome.

This book is part of a true series with continuing characters.  Each book focuses on a new couple but they do build on each other.  In step with the previous books, this one was full of unexpected shifters and magic.

Lucas-a manticore, Elliot- a sphinx, and Sebastian- an Enforcer and the resident drunk of Stallion Ridge, are such an unlikely romance.  But oh holy hotness.  Their romance is sweet and hot and had me one step away from cheering out loud.  Maddox leads them through challenges to find their HEA though.  

Part of those challenges is that the adventure takes place in a new setting that adds to the danger element.  Unlikely allies and enemies from the past all combine to make a story that I had to finish in one sitting.  

My favorite part of this story was the redemption of the characters, especially of Sebastian.  It is done so well.   It is not a quick fix.  The reader is allowed to see Sebastian’s past and his growth, including the true remorse and his actions.   It makes the growing attraction and love between him and his men even more amazing. 

Paranormal fans will definitely want to add this book to their libraries. Maz Maddox has set her bar even higher and I can’t wait to see what comes next. 

The Reviewer

In writing this bio I am taking a rare break from reading! I always have a book on hand just in case there is time to sneak in a chapter or two. As a military spouse and a mom of two boys, it is amazing how often I am hurrying up to wait. Luckily for me I don’t have a favorite genre so I get lots of fun authors to choose from. My education was in sociology and mental health counseling, so stories with strong character development are my favorites. Happily Ever After is the best part of romance for me because real life is hard enough. 

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