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REVIEW: We Shall Not Sleep, By M.R. Graham

Title: We Shall Not Sleep

Series: The Van Helsing Legacy Book One

Author: M.R. Graham

Genre: Paranormal Romance

LGBTQ+ Category: Ace, Bi, Demi, Gay

Publisher: Qui est literis

Pages: 435

Reviewer: Linda, Paranormal Romance Guild

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About The Book

The Great War is over, its fires quenched. The guns are silent. The Dead are waking.

Meg van Helsing grew up with a book in one hand and a wooden stake in the other, a crucifix always around her neck. But the world has changed, and the monsters she hunts with her friends are less frightening than gas burns and shell shock. The ghost of the War looms darker than Dracula’s shadow.

Until the night one of her friends disappears.

Now, they are under constant attack, beset by the blood-hungry corpses of un-dead soldiers at exactly the moment another monster appears: an incubus, lethally attractive. The young man offers help, and Meg wants to believe him. If only she could convince her friends she is immune to his spell.

Someone wants them dead at any cost. The answer lies in old books, dark sorcery, and a secret kept for twenty-five years, written in blood. If Meg wants her friends to live, she’ll have to open her eyes.

The Review

Anyone who loves paranormal knows the name Van Helsing and Vlad Dracula there have been movies, tv shows and books on them and now we get a new take on the descendants of Van Helsing, Harkers and Dracula.

The book begins in 1914 then goes to 1919 and eventually we discover the reason. In 1914 a monster is captured, tortured and then saved by Sir Hannibal Ralston of the Monmouth Royal Academy, Hannibal worked very hard at turning a monster into a human and from 1914 till he appears in 1919 we learn how far Gheorghe Apostol has come. He is an incubus and when he is around anyone with or without intentionally trying they are drawn to him. Then he meets Meg Van Helsing the only person not affected by him and he is desperate to find out why and if she can help him to get rid of his curse.

Gheorghe was cursed by his family from birth but it was only because of Hannibal Ralston that he found his humanity. Anyone who would see the two of them together would automatically believe they are father and son. Creepy-crawlies are showing up, this time they are revenants and they seem to be after Meg, her friends and family. The revenants have broken into their homes, attacked them and their children and Gheorghe proved time and again that he was not the monster everyone assumed because he kept putting himself in danger fighting them. 

Although Meg is not drawn to Gheorghe because of what he is she is beginning to have feelings for him, feelings that she has never had for another man. Gheorghe has used dark magic, has associated with demons and has even killed but yet in spite of what her friend and family say she totally believes in him. 

My only criticism about this book is that it was in my opinion way too long but I still look forward to the next book to find out what happens with Meg and Gheorghe. This is not a book that you can rush through, it is dark very deep and requires attention.

The Reviewer

I am an avid reader the mother of 3 sons and grandmother to seven grandchildren. Since retiring I have been doing more reading while volunteering as a CASA worker. CASA is an organization that works with the family court system to ensure that children are in the best living situation. There are way too many children that get overlooked in the foster care system and I visit homes and make visits to the parents. I was born and raised in New York and my husband of 50 years and I live in Upstate New York.

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