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ANNOUNCEMENT: Wilde Stories Anthology

Wilde Stories 2017

QSFer Nathan Burgoine has a story in a new gay speculative fiction anthology: A man named Turing visits a museum to see its rarest automata; during the Plague Years, three artists seeking to express a voice for their friends lost to AIDS unwittingly create life; a far-future restaurant offers patrons questionable cuisine; an immortal assassin may be one step closer to a paranoid king, despite his unspeakable precautions; the very existence of a mysterious and ancient golden android challenges a clergyman’s faith… Wilde Stories showcases the previous year’s best offerings in gay short fantasy, science-fiction, and horror. This edition includes … Read more

FILM: Seven 2017 Movies With Queer Actors

Beauty and the Beast

Not so many years ago, it would’ve been hard to name even five openly gay Hollywood actors and actresses. But in 2017, the long list of LGBTI movie stars is getting longer and longer! Here, we count down seven hotly-anticipated films coming up this year, featuring our favourite queer talent… 1. Sir Ian McKellen – and Luke Evans – in Beauty and the Beast He’s the openly gay star who received Oscar nods for Gods and Monsters in 1999 and Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring in 2002. And this year, the iconic Sir Ian returns to … Read more

A Positive 2017


Today’s topic is for everyone, and comes from QSFer Lex Chase: 2016 was a big Bucket of Suck. Let’s focus on the new. What are your goals for 2017? Lose 5 pounds? Drink more water? Write a short story? Call your Mom? Learn a new language? Learn how to cosplay? Cook your way through the Joy of Cooking? Go back to college? What is it? Let’s be positive in the new year! Join the chat

2017 Flash Fiction Contest Theme Reveal


Hey all, Something fun today – we’re pre-announcing our flash fiction contest theme for 2017. This will be our fourth year doing the contest – hard to believe it. For the first three years, our themes (and the people who chose them) were: Endings – Scott Discovery – Mark Flight – Angel For our fourth year, the theme was chosen by Ben, and is… *insert drumroll here*: Renewal We want your stories of when things changed for the better. Tell us about: The wicked witch who was redeemed by good magic The old bucket of bolts starship given a new … Read more