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New Release: Chaos and Conjurations – K.L. Noone & K.S. Murphy

Chaos & Conjurations - K.L. Noone & K.S. Murphy

QSFers K.L. Noone & K.S. Murphy have a new MM fantasy romance out: Chaos & Conjurations. Captain Henry Tourmaline is having nightmares again. And this time he’s not even cursed. But Henry is worried. He might be healed — but the healing spell left his lover Theo in pain, their magic tangled together. They’ve uncovered an ominous plot — but, without evidence, the Royal College of Wizardry refuses to believe them. And Theo’s brother, the Duke of Baselton, wants to meet Henry — but also wants to introduce Theo to a wealthy baron, a more suitable match … who might … Read more