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Pride Month Interview With Anthony Cardno – Boogieman In Lavender

My friend Anthony Cardno celebrated Pride Month with a series of Interviews with artists, writers, performers and others in the LGBT community, a series of interviews which stretched into July. (Just think of every month as a source of Pride!) Anthony omitted an interview with himself, so he graciously consented to answer a few of my questions (and a few reworded questions he’d asked me and others!) Hi, Anthony! I’ll start off by borrowing one of your own questions:  What are you doing to stay creatively motivated in these unusual times? If I’m being honest (as one should be), I … Read more

Interview: Jordan Castillo Price, M/M Urban Fantasy and Horror

Hello, this is B. A. Brock from Queer Sci Fi, and I have the pleasure of interviewing Jordan Castillo Price today on our blog. I’m a huge fan of hers, and have read quite a bit of her work, so when Scott mentioned that JCP would be up for an interview, I did the fanboy Muppet flail. Let’s dig right in! BA: What I love about your works, is how you can use modern language, familiar to the reader, and yet still create these fantastic science fiction worlds. What do you like about working in the urban scifi genre? What … Read more

Ayres & Graces: Queer Author Ryan Vance

Writing and getting published is hard for every writer, but queer writers face unique challenges in the publishing industry. Ryan Vance, editor of the e-zine The Queen’s Head and The Island Review, is here today to discuss some of the challenges he’s faced as a gay man in the writing community. What challenges have you personally faced as a queer writer? I’m queer. It informs my experience of the world, and the stories I go on to tell, and those stories have as much worth as any pre-existing norm I might have unintentionally adopted. It’s worth stating from the outset … Read more