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New Release: Vicarious – Chloe Spencer

Vicarious - Chloe Spencer

QSFer Chloe Spencer has a new extreme queer horror book out (bi, lesbian butch and femme): Vicarious. After suffering a savage assault in a bathroom as a girl, Gertie meets the man of her dreams. Her trauma soon vanishes as they begin to build a life together. However, with the sudden death of her beloved Jack, and the return of her school bully—Bea—years later, Gertie’s long-buried trauma bubbles to the surface. All the think is one thing: Revenge. Inserting herself into Bea’s life, nobody is safe—not her parents, not her children. Hell, not even the PTA members of her daughter’s … Read more

Review: Pinned – Liz Faraim

Pinned - Liz Faraim

Genre: Horror LGBTQ+ Category: Lesbian Reviewer: Maryann Get It On Amazon | Universal Buy Link | Goodreads About The Book “Rowdy” Randy Cox, a woman staring down the barrel of retirement, is a curmudgeonly blue-collar butch lesbian, who has been single for twenty years and is trying to date again. At the end of a long, exhausting shift, Randy finds her supervisor, Bryant, pinned and near death at the warehouse where they work. Upon the news of his death, she battles to find a balance between the joys of an exciting new relationship and the struggles of processing her supervisor’s … Read more

Meet “Butch” the Pterosaur

Butch the Pterosaur

The fossil of a previously undiscovered pterosaur, known as a “flying lizard,” has been named Lenton’s iron dragon — but you can call him Butch. The 96-million-year-old pterosaur lived among dinosaurs and was found by a sheep grazier named Bob Elliott in Australia near Winton, Queensland. A new study detailing the fossil published Thursday in the journal Scientific Reports. The researchers who studied the new species named it Ferrodraco lentoni, or Lenton’s iron dragon, in honor of Graham “Butch” Lenton, Winton’s mayor who died several months after the fossil was found in early 2017. Lenton supported regional communities in western … Read more