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New Release: Shaman of Heaven and Hell – Chris Kim

Shaman of Heaven and Hell - Chris Kim

QSFer Chris Kim has a new queer horror book out (bi, gay): Shaman of Heaven and Hell. As the last surviving shaman of his Korean lineage, death’s specter has pushed Adrian Shin-Ward into self-imposed isolation. That is, until a chance encounter with Bram Lyght, an attractive young man with a peculiar aura, hooks the reserved university student’s interest. But Adrian isn’t the only one drawn to Bram. An obsessed sociopath from Bram’s past is out of prison and burning a path of destruction to reach him again. To protect Bram, Adrian must unearth a disturbing truth about the power inside him. … Read more

New Release: Mu; Legend of a Lost City – M.D. Neu

Mu; Legend of a Lost City - M.D. Neu

M.D. Neu has a new MM sci-fantasy mystery out: Mu; Legend of a Lost City. For years, the whispers and legends of a lost city hiding in the Pacific Ocean were just that; legend. On the day Kaimi discovers his parents, the Queen and King of Mu, murdered, Mu’s most powerful weapon fired, sending a pulse rushing towards the North American west coast. After the 2025 Great Pacific Pulse Event, or Pulse, vomited up much of humankind’s trash in the Pacific Ocean along the North American west coast. The mysterious occurrence causing the largest environmental disaster in human history, people … Read more

Review: Pinned – Liz Faraim

Pinned - Liz Faraim

Genre: Horror LGBTQ+ Category: Lesbian Reviewer: Maryann Get It On Amazon | Universal Buy Link | Goodreads About The Book “Rowdy” Randy Cox, a woman staring down the barrel of retirement, is a curmudgeonly blue-collar butch lesbian, who has been single for twenty years and is trying to date again. At the end of a long, exhausting shift, Randy finds her supervisor, Bryant, pinned and near death at the warehouse where they work. Upon the news of his death, she battles to find a balance between the joys of an exciting new relationship and the struggles of processing her supervisor’s … Read more

Movies: Summoning Sylvia – Queer Comedic Horror at Its Best

Sylvia screenshot

There was a time when the words “straight-to-video” carried an unspoken implication of mediocrity, at best – but that was before a massive shift in the film industry, accelerated but perhaps not solely driven by the pandemic and the need it created for “watch at home” options – changed the game when it comes to judging a movie by its viewing format. Consider “Summoning Sylvia,” a campy horror comedy that made its VOD premiere on April 7, in which all but one of the characters (two if you count dead people) are queer. It’s safe to say that it’s definitely … Read more

New Release: As The Hawk Cuts The Heavens – E.S. Wynn

As The Hawk Cuts The Heavens - E.S. Wynn

QSFer E.S. Wynn has a new queer sci-fi/horror thriller out: As The Hawk Cuts The Heavens. The year is 2124. Earth’s first faster-than-light starship makes its maiden voyage into the unknown and disappears, only to be declared missing for the better part of two centuries. The ship’s historic first mission was supposed to be simple, just a test of the experimental displacement drive. The crew was supposed to spend seven days in the depths of space, then snap back to Earth to prove a concept, and nothing more.  Instead, they find something impossible. They find something that draws them into … Read more

Review: Apidae – Xenia Melzer

Apidae - Xenia Melzer

Genre: Paranormal, Mystery, Thriller LGBTQ+ Category: Gay Reviewer: Maryann Get It On Amazon About The Book No good deed—or good record of solving crimes—goes unpunished. Detectives Andi Hayes and George Donovan of the Charleston PD are on vacation. Or at least they are until they are called back for an emergency: find Chief Norris’s missing son. Fortunately, Andi’s insect spies lead him right to little Tyler Norris, who is safe and sound. Unfortunately, along with the chief’s son, they find twenty-five corpses, victims of a serial killer who’s gone unnoticed for over a decade.  Chief Norris promptly cancels Andi and … Read more

New Release: Fallen – E. Prybylski

Fallen - E. Prybylski

QSFer E. Prybylski has a new queer urban fantasy thriller out (ace, gay, non-binary): Fallen. Can a fallen angel survive Boston and find a killer? Fallen from heaven’s grace, the angel Cassiel finds herself in an impossible situation: accused of murder and racing against time to rescue a young elven girl from the clutches of darkness. In the face of this horror, she wrestles demons both inside and out. Alongside her stand her friends: Jim, a disabled human combat veteran; Dust, an orc who serves in the church kitchen; and Eirlas, an elven former gangbanger. Can they save the girl … Read more

Review: The Mandroid Murders – Robin C.M. Duncan

The Mandroid Murders - Robin C.M. Duncan

Genre: Sci-Fi, Thriller, Mystery, Adventure Identities: Bi, Poly, Non-Binary Reviewer: VB Get It On Amazon About The Book They say, “Never work with androids or children.” Quirk had one job to do, deliver papers to a Milan mafia boss, before leaving Earth for his home in the asteroids. But that was before being tailed, poisoned—oh, yes—and hijacked into raising foulmouthed fourteen-year-old convent girl Angelika Moratti, aka Moth, who’d rather see him asphyxiate in space. Fleeing assassins, Quirk, Moth and her syRen® android S-0778 ride the space elevator to the Moon, where Quirk hires on to hunt an ex-terra-former who somehow … Read more

New Release: The Whistler – Matt Converse

The Whistler - Matt Converse

QSFer Matt Converse has a new queer horror book out (trans MTF): The Whistler. When you hear him, it’s already too late. No one has seen him. He only comes out in the dead of night, whistling a haunting tune. As a horror writer, Mason Murdock scares people for a living. Now the tables have turned. The killer leaves gruesome, bloody clues on his victim’s bodies to let the world—and Mason—know who will be next. And no one is safe. Get It At Amazon Excerpt In the dead of night, I hear someone whistling a haunting tune that chills me … Read more

TV: Wreck – A Spine-Tingling Queer Slasher


If you’ve been waiting for a TV series about a murderer dressed as a duck killing people on board a cruise ship, you’re in luck. Wreck has just dropped on BBC Three and iPlayer. The show is a camp comedy-slasher that follows Jamie, played by Ladhood’s Oscar Kennedy, as he boards the killer cruise ship, the Sacramentum, as a crew member. His sister Pippa went missing while on board the ship months earlier and Jamie wants answers. Little does he know, though, that the ship’s duck mascot Quacky tried to savagely murder her, before forcing her to jump into the … Read more