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Update on submission calls and my philosophy on what to post

I’ve had a bit of a crisis in terms of how I should approach the task of filtering submission calls before I post. I strive to make this blog LGBTQ-inclusive and to help in protecting underrepresented writers from marginalization during the submissions process. But sometimes I make mistakes.

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CALLS: Two Calls From Avid Publishing LLC

Avid Publishing

In celebration of Valentine. THEME: Valentine MINIMUM WORD COUNT LIMIT: 7,000 words GENRE: All Genre (Contemporary, Paranormal, Sci-Fi and so on.) CATEGORY: Male/Male (MM), Male/Female (MF), Female/Female (FF) DEADLINE for SUBMISSION: DECEMBER 31, 2018 Email Subject: Submission: Valentine19 – Book Title(word count) Email body: Pen name, Legal Name Book Title Indicate Genre & Category Blurb of 150 words Book description (Main characters, conflict, resolution) ​MANUSCRIPT GUIDELINE: Label Header: Last name/book title. Label Manuscript: Valentine19 – Book Title Paragraphs: No Tab. Use Paragraph formatting 0.5″ first line. Times New Roman 12 Attachment: Manuscript in word doc. format. Submission Email: In celebration of Second … Read more