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George Takei Shares the “Torture” of Being Closeted

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Star Trek star George Takei has opened up about the “torture” of hiding his sexuality in the face of his parents’ strength fighting injustice. Takei, who played lieutenant Hikaru Sulu on the original series, recalled the terror of his family being sent to a Japanese-American internment camp during an interview with the Telegraph. The actor and activist described how his father walked into his bedroom when he was five to say that the family was “going to have to move”. While he was waiting in the front room with his younger brother, Takei recalled seeing “two soldiers” carrying “rifles with … Read more


George Takei

Hey all… We managed to snag an interview with “Uncle George” – George Takei from Star Trek Fame. He’s releasing a new political app, and sat down to talk with us. The app, which released this morning, is called House of Cats, a new political app sure to rile up the White House. The app combines what the internet loves best: cats and politics. Using cool new Pokemón GO-style augmented reality features, users can take the inaugural character “Trumpy Cat” out of the White House and put him anywhere they want, add outrageous dialogue—of their own or taken straight from the … Read more

Takei to Be Inducted Into California Hall of Fame

George Takei

Gay actor George Takei is among the 2016 California Hall of Fame inductees, the second time a member of the LGBT community has been granted such an honor during Governor Jerry Brown’s current term. Brown and his wife, Anne Gust Brown, along with the California Museum, announced the 10th class of inductees in a news release issued today (Monday, October 3). “I am a proud second generation Californian, humbled to be honored by a state singular in its beauty, diversity and dynamism,” stated Takei, famous for his role as Lieutenant Sulu in the science fiction series Star Trek and a … Read more

Takei: I’m Not Mad About Gay Sulu

George Takei has clarified his position on Sulu being gay in the new Star Trek film. The creators behind Star Trek: Beyond revealed fan favorite character Sulu would be gay in tribute to Takei, and the monumental announcement was met largely with praise. But the unlikely criticism came from the original Sulu actor. Takei took to Facebook to clarify what he meant when he voiced his ‘displeasure’, and he insists it was just a disagreement as to how he personally would have introduced a LGBTI character. By Joe Morgan – Full Story at Gay Star News LOCATION Gay Travel Resources … Read more

To Be Takei

A gay sci fi icon is profiled in a new documentary: The third feature-length project from filmmaker Jennifer M. Kroot, whose previous endeavors include the 2003 sci-fi/fantasy Sirens of the 23rd Century and the 2009 biographical doc It Came from Kuchar, details the professional achievements, political activism, and personal life of Takei, who proves to be as accomplished as he is downright likable. The weight with which Kroot approaches the three principal aspects of Kroot’s life tends to vary, leaning in favor of his work for gay rights, but we find ourselves duly engrossed in his personal and professional stories … Read more