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What Happens When You Shoot a Water Bear Out of a Gun?

tardigrade - deposit photos

Tardigrades, those adorable, chubby water bears, are notoriously hardy — they may even survive an apocalypse that wipes out humanity. But can these hardy water bears survive being shot from a gun? New research has found that yes, these hardy critters can make it out alive, but they also have a breaking point. The new study was inspired by uncertainty about the fate of tardigrades that were aboard Israel’s Beresheet probe when it crash-landed on the moon in 2019, according to Science magazine. Had the tardigrades, also called “water bears,” survived and contaminated Earth’s lifeless companion? After all, these teensy … Read more

NEWS: Gun From a Time Traveler?

Time Traveler Gun

The Baltimore Police Department shared a Facebook post on Thursday that, for the most part, was pretty run-of-the-mill police fodder. It stated that police had pulled over a man and discovered a loaded handgun, along with some drugs, inside his car. Since the man’s criminal record prohibits him from owning a gun, the cops confiscated it. The only thing out of the ordinary? The gun looks like this (above). By Hilary hanson – Full Story at The Huffington Post