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A Murder Mystery With Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen? Yes, Please.

Stewart and McKellen

So, you’ve already inhaled all your snacks and watched Tiger King on Netflix, what else is there to do during the coronavirus lockdown? Petition, no, beg for this murder mystery show starring Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen to be made as soon as possible. The pair have a well-documented and beloved bromance that spans more than 20 years, and Stewart and McKellen’s chemistry has them being a true light in this dark world since. For the sake of signal-boosting, here is a Twitter thread that fantasy novelist ML Brennan posted last Thursday which describes, in glorious detail, a show starring … Read more

How Patrick Stewart + Ian mcKellen Became a Thing

Stewart and McKellen

In a world of imminent doom and existential dread, the beacon of light that is the love shared between actors Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart gives us hope. Two interviews dropped Wednesday featuring Stewart describing how he and McKellen became inseparable and it’s the dictionary definition of adorable, to be honest. With one of the most well-known bromances in Hollywood spanning 20 years, the Picard star told both Wired and Playboy about his “love” for McKellen and no, you’re crying, OK. “Gay men have played a part in my life as colleagues and friends,” Stewart said to Playboy. “But none … Read more

Stewart+Mckellan = TLA?

Stewart and McKellen

Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart kissed each-other on the red carpet for Star Trek: Picard and the power of their loving friendship has resorted our strength. The famously best pals greeted one another with a kiss as they arrived at the screening at Odeon Luxe Leicester Square in London. Dozens of cameras clicked to capture the tender moment between friends, and McKellen made it even more memorable by getting down on one knee and jokingly proposing. Full Story + Photo From Pink News

TBT: Sir Ian McKellen Shares Photo From 1960’s – Hubba Hubba

Sir Ian McKellen

Actor and gay activist Ian McKellen has shared a shot of himself in the 1960s – and fans are going wild. The Lord of the Rings actor included the simple caption: “#TBT 1960s The Black.” Fans were soon to respond to the tweet, posting memes to represent how flustered McKellen’s shot had made them. One wrote: “Wow. You were(are) a beautiful man.” Another said: “Now that’s some #smoulder right there!” By Ella Braidwood – Full Story at Pink News