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survey: One in Four Queer Youth Uses Non-Binary Pronouns

Gender Pronouns - Deposit Photos

One in four LGBT+ youth use pronouns other than he/him and she/her, according to research by a leading charity. The study indicates that LGBT+ young people are increasingly finding different ways to express their gender identities and that many are opting for a mix of pronouns. The survey, conducted by The Trevor Project, found that 75 per cent of LGBT+ young people exclusively use either he/him or she/her pronouns. Meanwhile, 25 per cent use gender neutral pronouns such as they/them, either exclusively or as a combination with other pronouns. Full Story from Pink News

What If… No One Reached 15?

What if Wednesday

Time for a new feature here on QSF. What If Wednesday. From Janet Gershen-Siegel: Let’s explore how things might be different if… What if 14 was suddenly the upper limit for human aging? Ground rules: Accept the premise. No griping that “it couldn’t happen” Share your thoughts on how it would change the world/society. Respond (kindly) to the thoughts of others FB Chat: ChatWhat:

TBT: Sir Ian McKellen Shares Photo From 1960’s – Hubba Hubba

Sir Ian McKellen

Actor and gay activist Ian McKellen has shared a shot of himself in the 1960s – and fans are going wild. The Lord of the Rings actor included the simple caption: “#TBT 1960s The Black.” Fans were soon to respond to the tweet, posting memes to represent how flustered McKellen’s shot had made them. One wrote: “Wow. You were(are) a beautiful man.” Another said: “Now that’s some #smoulder right there!” By Ella Braidwood – Full Story at Pink News

SCIENCE: Real Life Vampires

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Ben Franklin famously wrote: “In this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” What he didn’t mention, despite being 83 years old, was a third, almost inevitable eventuality: ageing. Depending on when in history and where on the planet you look, ageing is variously considered desirable – bringing with it wisdom and status – or as something to be feared, eliminated, or at least delayed as long as possible. In the 16th to 18th centuries, Western societies believed old age was a time of considerable worth. But, since the 19th century, we have sought ways … Read more

TRAILER: Marvel Runaways


On 21 November, a brand new Marvel series debuts on Hulu and it’s different from all the rest. It’s not one of Netflix’s gritty takes, nor is it the broadcast adaptations of Agents of SHIELD or the ill-received Inhumans. And it’s entirely to do with the source material: Brian K. Vaughan and Adrian Alphona’s Runaways. The premise is relatively simple: a group of teenagers discover they have powers and their parents belong to a supervillain organization known as the Pride. It’s full of fun tropes and also plenty of diversity, which is clear from the new trailer. There are six … Read more

What I Read When I Was Young

Dancers of Arun

FOR READERS Today’s reader topic comes from QSFer John Allenson: “Reading queerfic you read when you were young. Does it still hold up?” Hmmm… for me, there was so little out there at the time, at least that I was aware of or could find. I read “The Dancers of Arun” by Elizabeth A. Lynn, which was the first thing I ever read that contained a (in retrospect) tame sex scene, but geez… And then there was Larque on the Wing, which helped spark my interest in magical realism. But I haven’t read them since – I probably should! So … Read more