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ANNOUNCEMENT: Borderland, by Jamie Fessenden and F.E. Feeley Jr.

Borderland, By Jamie Fessenden And F.E. Feeley Jr.

F.E. Feeley Jr. and Jamie Fessenden have a new mm paranormal book out: “Borderland.” They were young.In the prime of life and recently married.And then the diagnosis came.Cancer. George and Jason make arrangements to travel back to George’s home state of Vermont so he may pass away in the town where he grew up, but a terrible storm diverts the couple into the gates of an out-of-the-way hotel called Borderland. Sure, the employees are well dressed and polite. Sure, the food and entertainment are old-time fare. But it’s all a schtick, right? Or is there something far more sinister at … Read more

Announcement: Contact Anthology (Gothika Vol. 5)

Contact: Gothika Vol. 5

QSFers F.E. Feely Jr., Jamie Fessenden, Kim Fielding, and B.G. Thomas have a new MM sci fi romance anthology out: Since ancient times, humankind has looked into the night sky and wondered: Are we alone? Are there other civilizations beyond the stars? Will we ever encounter these beings? Who are they, what are they like, and what might they want with us? These questions are about to be answered, but those who discover the truth might wish they had never asked. On the other hand, some might find salvation in visitors from other planets. For while some aliens are hostile, … Read more

Announcement: A More Perfect Union

A More Perfect Union

QSFer J. Scott Coatsworth and Jamie Fessenden have stories in a new book from Dreamspinner (BG Thomas invited us to be a part of this great project): On June 26, 2015, the Supreme Court of the United States made a monumental decision, and at long last, marriage equality became the law of the land. That ruling made history, and now gay and lesbian Americans will grow up in a country where they will never be denied the right to marry the person they love. But what about the gay men who waited and wondered all of their lives if the day would ever come … Read more

Announcement: Murderous Requiem, by Jamie Fessenden

Murderous Requiem

QSFer Jamie Fessenden has a new mystery/paranormal book out: Jeremy Spencer never imagined the occult order he and his boyfriend, Bowyn, started as a joke in college would become an international organization with hundreds of followers. Now a professor with expertise in Renaissance music, Jeremy is drawn back into the world of free love and ceremonial magick. The old jealousies and hurt that separated him from Bowyn eight years ago no longer seem significant. Then Jeremy begins to wonder if the centuries-old score he’s been asked to transcribe hides something sinister. With each stanza, local birds flock to the old … Read more

Announcement: Spirit Anthology


Jamie Fessenden has a new story out in the Spirit Anthology: Jamie’s story “The Mill” is out today, just in time for Halloween! “In 1907, a fire spread through Hawley Mill, taking the lives of ninety-seven workers. The mill was rebuilt, but since its official closing in 1989, construction workers attempting to renovate it have reported strange things happening—mysterious accidents and frightening, inexplicable events. Frank Carter and his team of paranormal investigators have been hired by the mill’s current owner, Mrs. Hawley, to determine if the mill is indeed haunted… and what can be done about it. On their first … Read more

Announcement: By That Sin Fell the Angels, by Jamie Fessenden

By the Sin That Fell the Angels

QSFer Jamie Fessenden has a new book out: It begins with a 3:00 a.m. telephone call. On one end is Terry Bachelder, a closeted teacher. On the other, the suicidal teenage son of the local preacher. When Terry fails to prevent disaster, grief rips the small town of Crystal Falls apart. At the epicenter of the tragedy, seventeen-year-old Jonah Riverside tries to make sense of it all. Finding Daniel’s body leaves him struggling to balance his sexual identity with his faith, while his church, led by the Reverend Isaac Thompson, mounts a crusade to destroy Terry, whom Isaac believes corrupted … Read more

Book Review: Saturn in Retrograde, by Jamie Fessenden

Saturn in Retrograde

Okay, so I’m slowly working my way through my reading list of LGBT themed speculative fiction. I have read hundreds and hundreds of mainstream fantasy and sci fi books, but I’m now giving myself a crash course (well, more of a slow motion crash, given the limited amount of reading time I have these days) in gay sci fi and fantasy. So I asked Jamie Fessenden which book of his I should read, and he turned me on to Saturn in Retrograde. I really liked this book, although I wasn’t sure going in if it fell more on the sci … Read more