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Announcement: Transmutations of Fire and Void, by Matt Buscemi

Transmutations of Fire and Void

QSFer Matt Buscemi has a new speculative fiction anthology out: Fifteen short stories explore the formidable interstices between violent conflagration and frigid desolation. A facility generates power by obliterating aesthetic beauty from parallel universes; a “pink brick” defies the analytical capacity of a team researching an alien culture; a temple remains serene and unperturbed even as the world around it plunges into war; a young man with relationship problems is tormented by his own reflection; a deadly poisonous organism masquerades as an art show piece. Buscemi’s short stories make a hairpin turn into the violent fluctuations between fury and desolation … Read more

Announcement: Eight Short Stories from Matt Buscemi

Matt Buscemi shorts

QSFer Matt Buscemi has a new bunch of shorts out on Amazon: Rune-Driven Spellcraft Mac is pissed off. Everyone around him is stupid, especially his teacher, Archmage Alwell. Mac can’t believe that someone so incompetent has risen so high within the guild. Recently, Alwell been insisting that Mac practice the rune-driven technique in his spellcrafting, but that’s obviously a waste of time. What an idiot. Mac supposes he will go home and craft just one stupid spell using the stupid rune-driven technique, just so he’s not kicked out of the guild. Or perhaps instead, he might just discover a discipline … Read more