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New Release / Giveaway: Heart of Egypt – Megan Slayer

Heart of Egypt - Megan Slayer

Megan Slayer has a new MM paranormal erotic romance out: Heart of Egypt. And there’s a giveaway. His heart has always belonged to the man he loves—a modern-day actor? Thutmose knew from the moment he purchased the six-carat ruby that he had something special. So much so, he refused to turn the gem over to the Pharaoh. His punishment for his disobedience? Death and a curse. He shall wear the Heart of Egypt for eternity. Second chances aren’t permitted—until Aiden touches his coffin. Aiden Cory, star of the show Hunters, has no idea he’s stumbled on a mummy or the … Read more

Secrets of the “Screaming Mummy”

An Egyptian woman who was mummified with her mouth open in a silent scream may have died of a heart attack, new research finds. A computed tomography (CT) scan of the mummy found widespread atherosclerosis, deposits of fatty plaques within the blood vessels. Egyptologists argue that the woman died alone of a massive heart attack and was not found for several hours, by which point rigor mortis set in. Her jaw, which may have fallen open in death, was then frozen open forever. However, outside researchers are skeptical of this story. Mummification was a long process, and rigor mortis lasts … Read more

Mummies and the Lost Art of Embalming


For many people, mummies and mummification evoke a sense of the macabre — conjuring images of a grotesque, linen-wrapped monstrosity shambling through an ancient temple. Indeed, for many decades mummies have been in the casts of horror movies and gothic novels and filed away in the public imagination as belonging to arcane religious rites. But mummification was a widespread and honored tradition in the ancient world, one that was imbued with deep religious significance and often performed by skilled specialists. It was practiced as a way to venerate the dead, or express an important religious belief — especially a belief … Read more

Don’t Eat the Mummy Cheese

mummy cheese

If you are still disappointed about being denied the opportunity to drink the toxic red mummy juice unearthed in Egypt last month, we have some good news for you. Researchers have just discovered the world’s oldest cheese (also in Saqqara, Egypt), and it is almost certainly cursed… or at least contaminated. The cheese in question was discovered among a large cache of broken clay jars inside the tomb of Ptahmes, former mayor of Memphis (ancient Egypt, not Tennessee) and a high-ranking official during the reigns of pharaohs Seti I and Ramesses II. The tomb is thought to have been built … Read more