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REVIEW: Repetition – J. Scott Coatsworth


Genre: Sci-Fi LGBTQ+ Category: Gay Reviewer: Maryann Note: This title is no longer available as a stand-alone, but is part of the Spells & Stardust collection: Get It On Amazon | Other Buy Links About The Book What if you wanted to go back into the closet? What if you could? Need a little something tweaked in your past? Davis your guy, as long as it won’t screw with his own t-line. He’s your typical everyday past-pathing time nerd, and he’s seen it all. Then one day he gets an unorthodox proposal, even by his standards. And when he finds out … Read more

SPACE: Was Venus Once a Paradise?

Venus - NASA

Venus, our solar system’s broiling, radiation-bombarded, sulfuric-acid-raining, toxic hellscape of a planet, may once have hosted vast oceans … and could have been rather nice, actually. In fact, a water-covered and life-friendly Venus possibly persisted for as long as 3 billion years, scientists recently reported. But that idyllic time in Venus’ past ended abruptly between 700 million and 750 million years ago, when a near-planet-wide release of carbon dioxide (CO2) stored in surface rocks disrupted the planet’s atmosphere and triggered its transformation to the “hellish hothouse” that we know today, researchers said in a statement. Venus and Earth could be … Read more