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ANNOUNCEMENT: Swarm, by Raven de Hart


QSFer Raven de Hart has a new MM fantasy-paranormal book out: Zayne’s life is hell. Cursed with the Swarm, a murderous, sociopathic spirit, he lives under constant abuse and threats. Even in his sleep, the Swarm stings away at the edges of his soul. Now he’s crossed the ocean for a new life, a chance to disappear in the endless streets of Sorngard. But can he hold out against the demands of the Swarm, or will a new city and new, fresh victims be too much? Isaiah’s always hungered for peace. His spirit told him as much as a child. … Read more

Announcement: Prior Commitment, by Raven de Hart

Prior Commitment

QSFer Raven de Hart has a new MM paranormal romance out: Old town, new flames. Casey Bridge knows what people are thinking, whether he wants to or not. When he returns to Pryor, Washington, he’s roped into helping with the town’s annual Christmas Carnival—as though they didn’t shun him and his entire family for years. But when he hears something worrying in a stranger’s thoughts, he can’t keep himself from jumping in to help–repeatedly. Noel’s life is falling apart, and his last possible refuge is in little old Pryor, Washington. When that fails him, he spirals down into depression… and … Read more

Announcement: Street Magic, by Raven de Hart

Street Magic

QSFer Raven de Hart has a new paranormal/urban fantasy book out: Sometimes magic tricks are more than mere illusions. Street magician Axel Rye understands that better than most — his magic is /real/. If a mundane ever learns the truth, the Magisters will show no mercy. Getting close puts everyone at risk, which is why Axel knows he’s in it deep with his latest crush. Nick works in a tattoo shop on Axel’s favorite busking pitch. If there’s one thing Axel has learned, it’s that magicians and mundanes don’t mix, but he can’t seem to stay away. It’s only a … Read more

Announcement: Silverfall, by Raven de Hart


QSFer Raven de Hart has a new Urban Fantasy book out: The city hides a lot of secrets. Sometimes, those secrets break free. Unicorns can’t be real. That’s what Anthony Gates always thought. At least until he saw one murder a man. Now there’s a myth stalking him through the streets of San Francisco. And right when he’s starting in on a very passionate—and promising—relationship. Leon Phillips is a security guard with a secret. A dangerous secret. One he can’t even share with his new flame, Anthony. But when the mysterious Lionshead organization rears up, he’s left with only two … Read more