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New Release: Phoenix Spy – TJ Nichols

Phoenix Spy - TJ Nichols

QSFer TJ Nichols has a new MM paranormal book out (bi, gay): Phoenix Spy. Many deaths ago, phoenix shifter Dalmon Vecker created the Coven to protect paranormals during the witch hunts. Once again, he is running it instead of being king, or heir, or any of the other roles he’s played to safeguard the secrets he and his brothers keep. Now the Coven, and the paranormal community, are under threat as some witches want to reveal the truth to humans to enable them to seize control. For Lucian Marwood, getting arrested by the Coven means that he’s safe. For the … Read more

Review: Primavera – Hayden Thorne

Primavera - Hayden Thorne

Genre: Gothic, Paranormal, Dark Fantasy, Romance LGBTQ+ Category: Gay Reviewer: Maryann Get It On Amazon About The Book Coming out to his parents may have burdened him with unfortunate difficulties, but nineteen-year-old Adam Sheridan didn’t expect a sudden flood of nightmares and fragmented dreams to ruin his nights and threaten his mental health. But there’s a reason for these dreams, these baffling images of people and moments from a time and place that have never once crossed Adam’s mind. As these grow more and more insistent, triggered by harmless little things in his day-to-day movements such as a co-worker’s whistling, … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT: Seagulls – Warren Rochelle

Seagulls - Warren Rochelle

QSFer Warren Rochelle has a new MM Paranormal Romance out: Seagulls. Sometimes, we get second chances — at love, to make things right, to say good-bye the way it should have been said. Darian promised his dying husband Randy he would go through with the plan to teach summer school in Bath, England. Randy insisted; it was always Darian’s dream to live in England, go, do it. But once there, in Tintagel, on a street in Coverack, a small Cornish seaside village, Darian sees Randy. Grief can make us see things, right? So Darian tells himself, until the man whom … Read more

REVIEW: Any Given Lifetime, by Leta Blake

Any Given Lifetime, by Leta Blake

Title: Any Given Lifetime Author: Leta Blake Genre: Paranormal, Metaphysical, Romance LGBTQ+ Category: Gay Publisher: Leta Blake Books Pages/Word Count: 215 Pages Reviewer: Georgiana This is him. He’s everything. When two souls have found their mates, no time or distance can keep them away. This is true for Joshua and Neil. “When I lost Neil, my first love, I thought I’d never feel pain that bad again.” Joshua and Neil were together a short amount of time, but it was apparent from the beginning they were meant for each other. It wasn’t easy for Neil to experience growing up again, knowing … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT/GIVEAWAY: Cleaning House, by Jeanne G’Fellers

COVER - Cleaning House

Jeanne G’Fellers has a new trans-non binary fantasy book out: Centenary Rhodes is an old soul with a well-traveled name, but she doesn’t know this yet. Growing up in southern Appalachia wasn’t easy, so Cent left home as soon as she could, but the post-collegiate happiness she’d expected has never occurred. She can’t find a decent date, much less find that special someone and, after losing her job in a corporate downsize, she’s struggling to meet her most basic needs. Her car has been repossessed, her bills are piling up, and her questionable North Chicago neighborhood is dangerous to navigate. … Read more

FOR WRITERS: Building an Afterlife


FOR WRITERS Today’s writer topic comes from QSFer MK Mancos: “Do your characters believe in life after death? Or merely a transference of energy?” I’d broaden this out a little… have you written stories based on the idea of an afterlife or reincarnation? Did you use an existing framework or come up with your own? How could this be applied in speculative fiction? Join the chat

Announcement: The Artifact of Foex, by James L. Wolf

Artifact of Foex

QSFer James L. Wolf is stopping by the QSF blog to talk about his new book, The Artifact of Foex, and about reincarnation: Writing Reincarnation Or How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Time Fluidity Reincarnation is one of the central tenants of my new book, “The Artifact of Foex,” and the upcoming Flame Cycle novels in general. Did I lose you with that sentence? *Whew* Oh, good. Reincarnation is one of those woo-woo topics many people in the Western world avoid on principle. If you just had a vivid memory of the smells of sandalwood and pot when … Read more