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Rise Release, and Our Top Three Winners


Queer Sci Fi’s latest flash fiction anthology Rise is finally here. Get Rise Here RISE (noun / verb) Eight definitions to inspire writers around the world, and an unlimited number of possible stories to tell: 1) An upward slope or movement2) A beginning or origin3) An increase in amount or number4) An angry reaction5) To take up arms6) To return from death7) To become heartened or elated8) To exert oneself to meet a challenge Rise features 300-word speculative flash fiction stories from across the rainbow spectrum, from the minds of the writers of Queer Sci Fi. The Winners And now … Read more

Rise Honorable Mention Stories

Rise - Deposit Photos

It’s time to announce this year’s “Honorable Mention” stories – submissions that did not make one of the top three spots, but were nevertheless among the most well-fashioned, engaging stories that we received for the “Rise” Queer Sci Fi flash fiction anthology. Here’s our announcement schedule for this year: And now, without further ado, the honorable mention picks – congrats to all:

2023 QSF Flash Fiction Theme Announced: “Rise”

Rise - Deposit Photos

Every year, QSF holds a flash fiction contest to create an amazing new anthology of queer speculative fiction stories. We ask authors to do the nearly-impossible – to submit a sci fi, fantasy, paranormal or horror LGBTIQA story that has no more than 300 words. It’s Our Tenth Anniversary! Our 2023 contest launches on March 1st, and closes on May 1st, but we will soon be open for early entries. The theme for 2023 is “Rise”: Rise (noun) 1) An upward slope or movement2) A beginning or origin3) An increase in amount or numberttaining certainty about something4) An angry reaction … Read more

WHAT IF: The sea level rose 100 feet?

undersea city - deposit photos

Every Wednesday, we’re asking a what-if question – how would our world be different if something were changed? Today’s question is from QSFer Jeff Baker: What if the sea level rose 100 feet in a short period of time? Share your serious scientific analyses, your off-color jokes, and random thoughts on the topic on our FB and MeWe Groups: FB:

ANNOUNCEMENT: Rise, by Amir Lane


QSFer Amir Lane has a new MM urban fantasy book out in the Morrighan House Witches series: Rise. “You never knew what it meant to get involved with a witch.” Grad student Ekkehard Schneider doesn’t believe in magic until he discovers his boyfriend, Zven, is a pyromancer. When Zven panics and sets a police officer on fire at a riot he didn’t intend to be at, Ekkehardt can’t bear the thought of a life without him. Attempting to flee to West Germany together, Zven is killed and Ekkehart is left with a bullet in his chest, a heavy survivor’s guilt, … Read more