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FILM: Will There Be a Gay Wolverine?


Considering that Hugh Jackman playing Wolverine was no doubt countless queer folk’s sexual awakening, a new rumour that the mutant might be gay might send us all into overdrive. Although, it might be the lockdown talking here. With X-Men fans out petitioning for Pose star and trans activist Dominique Jackon to star as Storm in the studio’s next adaptation of the mutant franchise, writer Daniel Richtman teased the possibility of a gay Wolverine on Twitter. Full Story from Pink News

MOVIES: Get Ready for a Bisexual Spider-Man (Maybe)


A pop culture website is reporting that Sony is working on a movie where Spider-Man is bisexual. Several unnamed sources told We Got This Covered (WGTC) that a live-action Spider-Man movie starring Tom Holland, Tobey Maguire, and Andrew Garfield, where the iconic hero is bi is in the works. In the movie, Holland, the current Spider-Man, meets his alter-egos from the Spiderverse. The character was played by Maguire and Andrew Garfield in other movies. The sources said that Sony really wants to get Garfield back in a Spider-Man movie, and his Spider-Man would be bi and have a boyfriend. How … Read more

Could Torchwood Return to TV?

Barrowman - Torchwood

John Barrowman is working on getting Torchwood back on screen. During a panel at San Diego Comic-Con, the Doctor Who and Arrow star revealed he was in talks to get the series back – and not just in the form of reruns. ‘I have a phone conversation on Monday to see how we can get it back on television,’ the Glasgow-born actor said. Over the past, he’s repeatedly hinted at Torchwood coming back to the small screen, but in much vaguer terms. But during the SDCC announcement, Barrowman made it clear he was serious, saying he wouldn’t comment if he … Read more