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New Release – SurReality – Matt Doyle

SurReality - Matt Doyle

QSFer Matt Doyle has a new queer horror short out: Surreality. And it’s on sale at the Publisher link for Pride Month! Tony Cork and Benny Marks were ‘The Princes of UK Paranormal Television.’ Then, while investigating an urban legend for their 2015 Christmas Special, the couple found themselves torn apart by tragedy. Told through a series of blog posts written by the fans that loved them, this is Tony and Benny’s story. Three murders over three days, the same time every year. These were the final days of the paranormal investigative show, SurReality. Warnings: Murder (mentioned, but not shown), … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT: Bound to the Queen – Traci Lovelot

Bound to the Queen

QSFer Traci Lovelot has a new MMF/Multiple Partner fantasy book out, Our Fae Queen book 3: Bound to the Queen. Book 1 is free, and books 2 and 3 are just 99¢ through August 2nd. See links below. I never wanted to be queen. But I won’t let just anyone take my place. Or my men.To defeat the Unseelie, our allies need their long-lost magic, and that means someone has to become queen. I had to leave both of my lovers behind in the human realm, and I can’t return to them until I find someone who’s worthy of the … Read more

Discovery’s Final Sale

The book that started it all – Discovery – is about to go out of print. We started our QSF Flash Fiction Contest in 2014, but 2015 was the first year we put them in a book. 110 great queer flash fiction stories, all in one place. Now the book is going out of print, and we’re offering the ebook version at a special price – just $2.99 – to give you one last chance to snag your copy: Mischief Corner Books: Amazon: Read a part of queer history.