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Review: The Mermaid Hypothesis – Siri Caldwell

The Mermaid Hypothesis - Siri Caldwell

Genre: Paranormal, Romance LGBTQ+ Category: Lesbian Reviewer: Monique Get It On Amazon About The Book Mermaid Survival Rule Number 1: Stay away from intelligent women.  Who are so my type.  Fish are not great conversationalists. That’s not why Niua sneaks aboard a research ship, or why she’s stumbling around on legs, pretending she’s not a mermaid, but years of living among uncommunicative sea life may explain why she’s unwisely flirting with a marine scientist who’s far too perceptive–and far too female–for Niua’s safety. She needs to focus, but Ms. “Why Aren’t You on the Passenger List?” keeps distracting her. In the best … Read more