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New Release: The Wealthy Whites of Williamsburg – Mike Karpa

The Wealthy Whites of Williamsburg - Mike Karpa

QSFer Mike Karpa has a queer new future satire out (bi, gay, lesbian): The Wealthy Whites of Williamsburg. Everything goes right for the White family: they’re upper middle class, live in the trendy Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and have prestigious jobs. But Dad has a secret. Mom has a bigger one. And daughter #1 refuses to be a legacy to Yale. Five-year-old Daughter #2 gets life advice from popstars but will twerking, texting and inclusivity be enough to save them from not getting everything they want? Get It At Amazon | B&N | Kobo Excerpt The Fog Casey wandered the Port Authority … Read more


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FOR WRITERS Today’s writer topic comes from QSFer J. Scott Coatsworth: Just ran across a new word for me not once, but twice: SFnal – short for sciencefictional – an adjective for something that is a bit science fictiony. For a quick run-down: From the article: “I like the idea that something can be ‘science fictional’, that sf is not necessarily an object or a genre in the sense of a container, but rather that it is a shared way of thinking and doing things.” So are you familiar with this word? If so, how do you understand it … Read more