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COMICS: Marvel Cancels Guardians of the Galaxy Comic With Bi Star-Lord

Star-Lord - Marvel

Marvel Comics had abruptly cancelled the Guardians of the Galaxy comic book series featuring a bisexual Star-Lord. The entertainment company’s comic division has dashed hopes of a bisexual, polyamorous Peter Quill, the 1980s pop culture-grooving armed professional scavenger, becoming a mainstay. Marvel, without offering an explanation, has made the 22 September issue of the rebooted series about the galaxy-hopping squad the last. According to FanSided, per The Washington Times, the 18-issue relaunch helmed by writer Al Ewing that was meant to signal a massive step in LGBT+ representation has come to an end. “The End! Thanks for everything – and … Read more

Guardians of the Galaxy’s Star-Lord is Bisexual

Star Lord

Marvel comics just infinitely increased our interest in Guardians of the Galaxy by confirming that Peter Quill, aka Star-Lord, is a polyamorous bisexual. As fans of the graphic novels will know, Starlord’s future was left uncertain after he appeared to meet a heroic death in Guardians of Galaxy #2. The good news is the lovable space cowboy is back and better than ever in the current series from Al Ewing – and his character’s sexuality is being explored in a much deeper way. Guardians of the Galaxy #9, “I Shall Make You a Star-Lord” reveals that our favourite human/Spartoi hybrid didn’t actually die … Read more