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Comics: Gay Captain America Makes Mysterious Return

Gay Captain America

An openly queer rendition of Captain America is finally returning to Marvel Comics and fans are beyond excited. Aaron Fischer – the unabashedly queer Captain America of the railways – will make his return in the upcoming eighth issue of Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty. The comic, which is set to release on Wednesday (4 January), sees Fischer team up with Steve Rogers to help bring various heroes back together after a mysterious calamity pulled them apart. During the preview, Rogers praises Fischer for “doing the good work” and helping to save those in need. Along with other iconic characters, … Read more

Jon Kent’s Superman Gets a Rainbow Cape for Pride

Superman Rainbow Cape

Superman of Earth Jon Kent gets an LGBT+ inspired cape upgrade thanks to his boyfriend in a new DC Pride comic. Kent and his boyfriend, Jay Nakamura, appear in the highly-anticipated DC Pride 2022, which will hit stores later this month. Kent – who is the son of original Superman Clark Kent and Lois Lane – opens the present and pulls out a new Superman cape with the colours of various Pride flags – including the pansexual, bisexual, trans, ace and non-binary flags – stitched on the inside. The young hero appears thrilled with the gift as he shares a … Read more

COMIC BOOKS: DC’s On a Roll With Another LGBTQ+ Character


An iconic DC superhero has come out as queer and revealed that she is in a relationship with another woman. Vixen, a model and animal-rights activist slash superhero, has come out in a recent issue of Harley Quinn: The Eat. Bang! Kill. Tour. The comic book series – created by Tee Franklin, Matt Sarin and Marissa Louise – is a spin-off of the Harley Quinn animated series on HBO. Vixen, who can channel the strengths and attributes of the entire animal kingdom, was first revealed to be part of the LGBT+ community back in the fourth issue of the comic … Read more

comic Book “Power Bear” Tackles Gay Shame, Mental Health and An Alien Apocalypse

Power Bear

In a world of buff, statuesque heroes, Power Bear is bringing body positivity and discussions of mental health to the queer community. Imagine a superhero. They may be tall and muscular, like Henry Cavill’s Superman, or have the shoulder-to-waist ratio of Chris Evan’s Captain America. Maybe they even have his beloved “America’s ass”. But a new breed of hero is slowly emerging in pop culture which is more representative of the beauty and variety of body shapes in the real world. “Bears are hard to find in the comic mainstream,” Łukasz Majcher, creator of Power Bear, tells PinkNews. “The only … Read more

COMICS: Marvel Cancels Guardians of the Galaxy Comic With Bi Star-Lord

Star-Lord - Marvel

Marvel Comics had abruptly cancelled the Guardians of the Galaxy comic book series featuring a bisexual Star-Lord. The entertainment company’s comic division has dashed hopes of a bisexual, polyamorous Peter Quill, the 1980s pop culture-grooving armed professional scavenger, becoming a mainstay. Marvel, without offering an explanation, has made the 22 September issue of the rebooted series about the galaxy-hopping squad the last. According to FanSided, per The Washington Times, the 18-issue relaunch helmed by writer Al Ewing that was meant to signal a massive step in LGBT+ representation has come to an end. “The End! Thanks for everything – and … Read more

DC Comics to Release ‘Poison Ivy: Thorns’ For Pride

Poison Ivy: Thorns

DC Comics has big plans for Pride month this year, and the comic book giant will kick things off by giving plant-based baddie Poison Ivy, one of its most endearing LGBTQ characters, a love story to die for helmed by two LGBTQ heavy hitters. “Poison Ivy: Thorns” brings New York Times bestselling author Kody Keplinger (“The DUFF”) and artist Sara Kipin together to craft a gothic romance focused on the budding relationship between Pamela Isley, better known as Poison Ivy, and “cute goth girl” Alice Oh. But family secrets and Isley’s strained relationship with her father threaten to shape Isley … Read more

Green Lantern Comic Uses the Term TERF

Green Lantern

A comic book from DC Comics that is publishing today will feature the term “TERF” – short for “Transgender Exclusionary Radical Feminist,” or someone who uses the language of feminism to attack transgender people – for the first time ever. The Green Lantern Season 2 #12 issue, the final in the series written by non-binary author Grant Morrison and illustrated by Liam Sharp, includes the words among other terms used as insults being said between a large, divided crowd. “Queer,” “fat,” “Nazi,” and “tool” are also used as pejoratives. Based on previews, the terms were use to illustrate the divisions … Read more

It’s a Gay Marvel Superhero Wedding!

Empyre #4

Marvel has decided to give the gays everything they want by featuring its first ever same-sex wedding between two gay superheroes in a new comic. In Empyre #4, it was finally confirmed that Young Avengers co-founders and superheroes Hulkling and Wiccan are married. Wiccan (William “Billy” Kaplan) and Hulkling (Theodore “Teddy” Altman) are revealed to be married on the final page of Empyre #4 in a flashback to a ceremony attended by other Young Avengers, Bleeding Cool reports. While there have been same-sex weddings in Marvel Comics in the past, this incredible moment makes it the first same-sex wedding between … Read more

Tomb Raider Comic Writer Tried to Make Lara Croft Explicitly Queer

Lara Croft

The creator of a Tomb Raider comic tried “so hard” to make Lara Croft explicitly queer – but a planned kiss somehow became just a hug instead. Tomb Raider: Inferno co-writer Jackson Lanzing revealed the abandoned plot point on Twitter, but declined to explain why Lara Croft’s queerness ended up on the scrap heap. Queer fans of the video games have pined for a romance between Lara and her best friend Sam for years, while many believe their relationship is a classic example of queercoding. But the romance has never become canon – even though comic book writers tried to … Read more

Batman Reboot Comic Features Gay “Alfred”

Batman reboot

A new Batman adaptation turns the superhero’s butler Alfred into his gay uncle. The new DC Ink Gotham High comic from author Melissa de la Cruz and illustrator Thomas Pitilli puts a Gossip Girl spin on the superhero – turning Bruce Wayne into a rich Hong Kong-American student trying to navigate life at an American high school. Meanwhile, Alfred is Bruce’s gay uncle, who takes custody of Bruce after his parents are – in the time-honoured Batman tradition – brutally murdered by thieves. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, de la Cruz explained: “Bruce Wayne is the billionaire. He’s the richest man … Read more