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Video Games: The Sims Now Has Customizable Pronouns

Sims 4

After more than a year, fans’ wishes for a Sims pronouns update is here. The long-running simulator video game series “The Sims” broke new ground for trans and gender-diverse players on Tuesday by adding the ability to provide customizable pronouns for created characters in the series latest entry, “The Sims 4.” According to a Maxis blog post, the update prompts players to choose the gender of their character (or Sim) when entering Create a Sim mode. Among the options are he/him, she/her and they/them, but the update also adds a custom option that allows players to enter any pronoun choice … Read more

VIDEO GAMES: Petition Launched to Add Pronoun Options to the Sims

Momo Misfortune / The Sims

A petition has been launched for EA to add pronoun options to The Sims. Twitch streamer Momo Misfortune has been tweeting the publisher for 51 days requesting the addition. Now an official petition has been launched on that has rapidly gained thousands of signatures within a month. “If we could have the option to choose pronouns for our sim or for the team to switch older game texts to be gender neutral like current pack dialoged [sic] it would be impactful for those of us who are still unable to truly feel represented in the game by having our … Read more