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Review: Consider Pegasus – SI CLARKE

Consider Pegasus - SI CLARKE

Genre: Sci-Fi, Satire, Space Opera LGBTQ+ Category: Ace, Non-Binary (Trans Allegory) Reviewer: Jay Get It On Amazon | Publisher | B&N | Universal Buy Link About The Book A secret unicorn, a desperate family, and a cop dead-set on hunting them down. Lem and the rag-tag gang of galactic adventurers on the starship Teapot are set to become roadies for the galaxy’s hottest band – but an urgent call from Bexley’s family means the rock stars will have to wait. Bexley’s soon-to-be-born sibling has a big secret: wings. On their world, skeledivergence is outlawed, so the Teapot crew swoop in to help the family … Read more

PALEONTOLOGY: There Was An (Ugly) Ice-Age Unicorn

Ice Age Unicorn

A burly “unicorn” that once plodded over grasslands in Siberia was around for much longer than once thought — long enough to have roamed the land at the same time as modern humans. This one-horned native of the steppes, Elasmotherium sibiricum, was a hefty, furry beast in the rhino family that weighed nearly 4 tons — more than twice the weight of a white rhinoceros, the largest species of modern rhino. Previous interpretations of E. sibiricum bones suggested that they died out 200,000 years ago, but recent analysis hints that E. sibricum fossils are much younger than that, dating to … Read more

TV/FILM: Bisexual Erasure – The Unicorn Scale

Unicorn Scale - pixabay

Unicorns are amazing: it’s pretty safe to say that is a fact. Unicorns, however, also happen to be legendary creatures whose existence have been questioned by many. Just like bisexuals, we dare to say. Talia Squires, editor-in-chief at and creator of the Unicorn Scale, agrees. The Unicorn Scale ‘explores the quality of bi representation in film and television’ and it does so in an entertaining way. Squires reviews movies and TV shows focusing on bisexual storylines and assigning from one to four unicorns. ‘Siskel and Ebert have thumbs, Leonard Maltin has stars, I wanted unicorns. The bi community has … Read more

Where Your Ice Cream Comes From

Pooping Unicorn

OK, I just had to share this one. I mean, it has a unicorn and a prince, right? From the Dallas Voice: I’m not the newest person to this ad, but it did intrigue me enough to repost. I was on YouTube, looking for a video, when this ad popped up. As is often the case, it had one of those “you can skip this add in 5 seconds” buttons on it. But as I watched, I didn’t want to skip it. I couldn’t tell if it was really an ad (it is) or some put-on (it isn’t). Plus the … Read more