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ANNOUNCEMENT: Quickening Vol. 2, by Amy Lane

Quickening, Vol. 2

QSFer Amy Lane has a new fantasy/paranormal book out: The elf queen who infected the werewolf population isn’t going away—and neither are the two heartbeats that will soon be the children in Cory’s arms. Cory’s used to throwing herself physically into the fray, but as their enemy gets closer and more dangerous, she’s forced to choose between her safety and the people sworn to protect her. Her guardians are tired of worrying about Cory and her unborn children, and Cory is getting plain tired. The preternatural world isn’t her only worry—basic human birthing rituals are going to be a pain … Read more

Announcement: Wounded Volume 2, by Amy Lane


DSP Publications author Amy Lane has a new paranormal book out: Green and Bracken’s beloved survived their enemy’s worst—with help from unexpected vampiric help. But survival is a long way from recovery, and even further from safety. Green’s people want badly to return to the Sierra Foothills, but they’re not going with their tails between their legs. Before they go home, they have to make sure they’re free from attack—and that they administer a healthy dose of revenge as well. As Cory negotiates a fragile peace between her new and unexpected lovers, Green negotiates the unexpected power that comes from … Read more