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INTERVIEW TODAY: Bob Appavu, Demon of the Underground Webcomic

Bob Appavu

Hey all… We have something special today. At 11 AM, we’ll host Bob Appavu, creator of the Demon of the Underground webcomic for an interview on the QSF Facebook group: ADMIN NOTE: I met Bob at the Dreamspinner Retreat and am so excited to interview her about her web comic and writing. –Scott Bob Appavu is a freelance illustrator, webcomic creator, and author from the Chicago suburbs. Whether writing or drawing, her passion is creating plot-driven stories with complex LGBTQ lead characters. Bob is an avid animal lover and can’t imagine life without furry and feathered housemates. When not at … Read more

Graphic Novel / Web Comic Week: Day Two – Dave Davenport

Dave Davenport

Hey all, The long-awaited second annual graphic novel week is here! Each day we’ll be interviewing a different graphic novel writer, artist or team. Dave Davenport Today: Dave Davenport – author of “Feral and the Ghost Skater”, will join us at Noon Pacific: My comics I am most known for is called “Feral and the Ghost Skater”, it’s an erotic horror story. Originally it was about a gay werewolf that falls for the ghost of a dead skateboarder, but in the second story a character who was the lover of the skater when he was alive came into the story, … Read more

Announcement: The Young Protectors: Engaging the Enemy (Kindle), by Alex Woolfson

The Young Protectors

QSFer Alex Woolfson’s queer superhero graphic novel, The Young Protectors, is finally out on Kindle: Evil can be seductive… Kyle–a closeted, teen superhero who can control fire–has finally summoned up the courage to enter a local gay bar. It’s his very first step towards accepting himself. Unfortunately for him, his very next step out of the bar places him face-to-face with The Annihilator, “the most dangerous supervillain in the world.” And the price that The Annihilator demands to keep Kyle’s secret will lead Kyle down a path fraught with danger, adventure and unexpected romance. It’s a path that will force … Read more