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WestWorld Star Evan Rachel Wood Talks About Bi Visibility

The bisexual TV star spoke to an enraptured audience at the North Carolina Gala for the Human Rights Campaign after being honoured with their 2017 Visibility Award on the 7 February. Speaking honestly, Wood opened up about her life in her hometown of Raleigh, North Carolina where she lived as a tomboy “who happily ditched makeup for mud and ballet for a black belt”. Wood went on to explain that as she went through puberty, she began to understand her sexuality as she started to have crushes on girls in middle school. “I felt something that I couldn’t explain. And … Read more

Can’t Afford Westworld for Your Next Vacation? Check Out Westland


The regular “Westworld” is said to cost $40,000 a day. And for that, it’s all the robots you can shoot and boink. But not all of us are so wealthy. Everyday, hardworking Americans want to have their way with a robot too. Now they can! It’s Westland, the “Westworld”-like amusement park for families on a budget! By Andy McDonald – Full Story at The Huffington Post LOCATION Gay Travel Resources Other Gay Travel Events

New Trailer for Westworld

Westworld trailer

“Our creatures have been misbehaving,” intones Anthony Hopkins in HBO’s new Westworld trailer. Below is a fresh look at HBO’s eagerly anticipated new drama series that includes footage from throughout the first season of the show. The new footage – the second full-length trailer the network has released – gives us a first hints of the pending robopocalyptic conflict between a futuristic theme park’s robotic “hosts” and their human keepers. Front and center in this footage is Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood), a naive young frontier “host” who’s actually the park’s oldest resident, having been resurrected after countless “deaths” that she’s … Read more