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U=(N/T)M*G: Decade

Cool cats, we’ve entered a new decade and I’m on the edge of my seat about it. The 2010’s were a circus for me, personally and publicly and politically, a roller coaster of wildness I’m hoping won’t be repeated. It wasn’t all bad. I started my writing career and had a son, got married and got divorced, made friends and lost friends and rekindled my zest for life. The last decade was something to behold, a time to look back and shake my head in wonder that I manage to knuckle under, survive it mostly on nothing by spite.

The world of science had some of its pivotal breakthroughs during the 2010’s too. Some of its own heartbreaks. Some of its own setbacks. But a new decade means the potential for a different frame of mind.

What got me on this tangent was an article I found here. I took a hard, long look at that list and almost cried. Some of the things we discovered in the last decade is going to change our world forever. Change lives individually, change lives globally. Moore’s Law is going to show its true colors in this new decade. All the nerdy, geek daydreams of flying cars and extraterrestrials and androids I had as a kid are on the cusp of reality, and I’m stoked.

Which, in turn, is probably going to pop up in my writing. Some alien species reflecting on their own history, where the pivot point was that launched them into the stars. Humans able to called back to their past where science made their solution possible. Lives saved, lives ended thanks to or cursed because of a moment in history, where a breakthrough was made.

Personally, I’m hoping we make First Contact this decade.

Live long and prosper, storytellers.

T.A. Creech

Science in the pursuit of fiction.

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