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U=(N/T)M*G: Pandora

A big red globe, with a black starburst in the center, surrounded by red spines.

Ah, climate change. A host of chaos in the near future because of it, no matter what we do now. Intensified storms, higher seawater levels, habitat destruction. Lots of stuff to keep us busy for years. We can throw one more middle finger on top of that pile. Ancient viruses. Yep. You read that right. Scientists are already pulling samples out of the increasingly warm Siberian permafrost, and quite a few of these viruses are still viable. No, there’s no need to panic, yet. It’s that yet which is the problem. First, these viruses are the super big ones and … Read more

New Release: Cascade – Rachel A. Rosen

Cascade - Rachel A. Rosen

QSFer Rachel A. Rosen has a new Sci-Fantasy Cli-Fi book out: Cascade. In the wake of a worsening climate crisis, magic runs rampant and demons roam across the Canadian prairies. A long-dead god stirs in the Pacific Ocean, while the wilderness is choked by invasive, screaming grass. The Cascade has shattered political stability, leaving a scandal-plagued government clinging to power in Ottawa. As catastrophe looms ahead, a precognitive rainman, Ian Mallory, stands between run-of-the-mill corruption and a nightmarish, dystopian future. It is up to a diverse and unlikely band of activists, scientists, journalists, and one underpaid, emoji-spell wielding intern to … Read more

FOR READERS & WRITERS: Reading and Writing the Climate

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FOR READERS & WRITERS Today’s writer topic comes from QSFer Scott: The climate is changing, and fear and hope are in the air. As a reader, what’s the best cli-fi you’ve read? As a writer, what have you written – and are you fearful or hopeful? Writers: This is a reader/writer chat – you are welcome to share your own book/link, as long as it fits the chat, but please do so as part of a discussion about the topic. Chat on FacebookChat on MeWe

Hope for a Better Climate Change Future

Young children naturally tend to withdraw from what scares them, which is precisely why parents gently encourage them back into the fray of play after a fall and a scraped knee. And when it comes to diverting potential mental health catastrophes when they are still a manageable trickle, any parent of a teen with serious mental health challenges will suggest you spend more time nurturing play, building hope and cultivating resilience as early and often as you can. Why not try to reframe the climate crisis for young kids into an opportunity for them to make a positive impact on … Read more

WHAT IF: All the Ice Melts?

climate change - pixabay

Every Wednesday, we’re asking a what-if question – how would our world be different if something were changed? Today’s question is from QSFer Scott: What happens if all the ice at the poles melts? Inspired by this article: Vanishing ice is warping Earth’s crust Share your serious scientific analyses, your off-color jokes, and random thoughts on the topic on our FB and MeWe Groups: FB: MeWe:

Climate Change: UN report; Greenland Melts; Penguins in Danger; Gulf Stream Could Collapse; Deforestation

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Here’s the latest news we’ve rounded up about climate change and its rapidly growing impacts: United Nations Climate Panel Issues Dire ReportA United Nations climate panel has confirmed — in its strongest language ever — that the impacts of human-caused climate change are severe and widespread, and that while there is still a chance to limit that warming, some impacts will continue to be felt for centuries. Gulf Stream Could Be Veering Toward Irreversible CollapseOne of the most crucial ocean current systems for regulating the Northern Hemisphere’s climate could be on the verge of total collapse due to climate change, … Read more

CLIMATE CHANGE: Glacier Blood; Tipping Points; heat Trap; Vanishing Lake: Amazon Flip

climate change - pixabay

Periodically, we share the news (good and bad) around climate change and the efforts to fight it: ‘Glacier blood’ could be key to understanding impacts of climate changeAtop the French Alps, thousands of feet above sea level, the normally white snow sometimes appears stained with blotches of what appears to be dark red blood, some of which extend for miles. But no, these aren’t the sites of violent mountaintop massacres — the spooky red stains, known as “glacier blood,” actually come from microalgae that live in the snow, and scientists recently trekked into the Alps to study these mysterious organisms. … Read more

Climate Change Updates: Earth’s Axis, Underestimating Warming, Pandemic Effects, Oil Industry Shake-Ups

climate change - pixabay

Climate Change Has Been Altering Earth’s Axis For At Least 30 YearsThe planet’s spin on its axis is determined, in part, by the distribution of weight around the globe, in the same way the spin of a top is determined by its shape. Satellite data from 2002 and later had already shown that climate change is altering this weight distribution, largely because melting glaciers and ice sheets have caused the North and South poles to drift. Satellites May Have Been Underestimating Earth’s Warming For DecadesThe global warming that has already taken place may be even worse than we thought. That’s … Read more

CLIMATE CHANGE: Are We Ready for Six Months of Summer?

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Global warming will change the lengths of the four seasons, a new study suggests, potentially making six-month-long summers the norm in the Northern Hemisphere by the year 2100. In contrast, winters could last less than two months a year, while spring and autumn similarly shorter. These drastic seasonal changes would have wide-reaching impacts on the world, disturbing agriculture and animal behavior, increasing the frequency of heat waves, storms and wildfires, and ultimately posing “increased risks to humanity,” the study authors wrote. “Tropical mosquitoes carrying viruses are likely to expand northward and bring about explosive outbreaks during longer and hotter summers,” … Read more

CLIMATE CHANGE: “Doomsday” Glacier Nearing Tipping Point

Thwaites Glacier

A robotic submarine has returned from the dark underbelly of one of Antarctica’s largest glaciers with chilling news — it could be melting faster than we previously thought. Thwaites Glacier, a gigantic ice shelf in West Antarctica, has been on climate scientists’ radars for two decades now. But they didn’t know just how fast the glacier was melting, and how close it was to complete collapse, until researchers sent an unmanned submarine below the ice shelf. The first measurements ever performed in the dark waters under the 74,000 square mile (192,000 square kilometers) chunk of ice revealed a disquieting piece … Read more