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VIDEO GAMES: Pink White or Blue Focuses on Gender Identity and Dysphoria

Pink White or Blue

Pink White or Blue is a new video game by Esmada Interactive that follows a young person as they navigate the world unsure of where they belong.

In the narrative story, which features some elements of horror, you play a transgender person trying to cope with a binary world.

The Game

‘You start Pink White or Blue as a feminine character in a beautiful country ranch, picking flowers and spending time with the horses that roam there. It’s an idyllic life, full of beauty and happiness, but you find pages of a comic book that tell a story of someone having a much worse time than you – and then you start to have visions of their life. There visions are dark and full of pain and physical abuse,’ writes reviewer KJ Robertson for Alpha Beta Gamer.

By Rafaella Gunz – Full Story at Pink News

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