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Video Games: A Love Letter to The Last Of Us’s Ellie Williams

Ellie Williams - The Last of Us

The Last of Us has everything: horror, gore, romance and humour. But it would be nothing without Ellie. Before HBO adapted The Last of Us into a critically acclaimed television show that has taken the world by storm faster than its fungal disease cordyceps, game developer Naughty Dog released the story as a fully playable action adventure/survival-horror game on the PlayStation in 2013. The game swept its award season, as did its 2020 sequel, The Last of Us: Part Two, with each garnering multiple game of the year awards and mentions for the cast performances, sound design and storytelling. Both … Read more

TV: What’s Up for “The Last of Us” Season Two? (Probably) Lesbians! [Spoilers]

The Last of Us

The Last of Us is already widely regarded as one of the best video game adaptations of all time, with critics and fans giving the show’s direction, tone, performances and writing huge amounts of praise – not least for the portrayal of gay couple Bill and Frank. Following the news that The Last of Us – everyone’s favourite fungal, post-Armageddon survival series, based on the video game of the same name – will be returning for a second season, here’s what fans can expect from Pedro Pascal’s Joel and Bella Ramsey’s Ellie. The first season is expected to cover all … Read more

Video Games: God of War Ragnorok Programmer Added Heartbreaking Tribute to His Late Ex-Boyfriend

God of War Ragnorok gay tribute

Sony’s new video game God of War Ragnarok features a heartfelt side quest about an LGBTQ+ couple who worked on the game. Sony Santa Monica senior gameplay programmer Sam Handrick explained the tragic story in a Twitter thread on 18 November in which he “got to pitch” one of the many ‘favour’ side quests in dedication to his late partner. “I had hoped to wait for some time to talk about it but I want to share it now, just in case,” he said. Before delving into the story, he urged players to “seek it out for yourself first” before … Read more

LEGO Star Wars Game Ships FinnPoe

Lego Star Wars - FinnPoe

A new Lego Star Wars game appears to give Finn and Poe Dameron the happy queer ending fans have longed for. Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga has seemingly confirmed the ‘FinnPoe’ ship – a romance between John Boyega’s stormtrooper-turned-rebel character Finn and X-Wing pilot Poe Dameron, played by Oscar Isaac. Although the duo had obvious sexual tension in the Star Wars sequel trilogy, their relationship never went further than friendship. Many fans – and the films’ cast – called for the relationship to progress to a more romantic narrative, but later films went out of their way to ensure … Read more

NEW RELEASE: Twisted – J.S. Frankel

Twisted - J.S. Frankel

QSFer J.S. Frankel has a new queer YA LITRPG Fantasy book out: Twisted. Chivalry isn’t dead. It just wears a skirt. High schoolers Charlie Matthews, Martin Anderson, and Sharon Collins win a contest to play an interactive-interfacing type of medieval game as the avatars of their favorite characters. Their mission: fight monsters, storm the castle, and capture the evil king. Things go terribly wrong, though, when Charlie wakes up as Angella of Avernon, the lead female character in the game. While she happens to be the most powerful avatar around, he also finds out that they’ve been infected with a … Read more

VIDEO GAMES: Rainbow Six Siege Game Features New Trans Character

Rainbow Six Siege

Online multiplayer shooter Rainbow Six Siege has introduced its first trans operator. Osa has been added to the game as part of its year six content and joins the previously included Flores as LGBT+ operators as Ubisoft adds more diversity to the game. Queer narrative writer Simon Ducharme was responsible for creating these two LGBT+ characters. Part of the process for Osa was speaking with trans consultants for authenticity, which included esports caster Emi Donaldson. We spoke with Simon and Emi to find out more about the importance of trans representation in the game. What were the main inspirations for Osa? Simon: Beyond … Read more

VIDEOGAMES: Iconic Hellraiser Villain Pinhead Comes In Queer Horror Fave Dead by Daylight

Dead by Night - Pinhead

Pinhead has finally “come” to queer favourite horror game Dead by Daylight. The iconic Hellraiser villain, also known as also known as The Hell Priest, is a Cenobite in the Order of the Gash. has been added as part of the game’s new chapter that’s available now. However, an update has already removed voice lines from the character that many players found amusing. Pinhead has an ability that allows him to teleport across the map to survivors attempting to open his Lament Configuration box, at which point he’ll shout out “I came”. Full Story from Pink News

VIDEOGAMES: LGBTQ+ Game “Life is Strange: True Colors” to Include “Crowd Choice Mode”

True Colors Video Game

Life is Strange: True Colors will include a special crowd choice mode for streamers, it has been announced. The series is known for its choice-based narrative, so what better way to play on Twitch than with community involvement? The crowd choice function will allow Twitch streamers to offer their audience the chance to vote on major story moments. The Crowd Choice Extension for Twitch can be used by connecting your Square Enix members account to the game, and then selecting Crowd Choice from the “Live Stream” menu in the game. There are two further options. Full Democracy means viewer votes will decide the … Read more

VIDEOGAMES: Gameplay trailer for Life is Strange: True Colors Introduces Bi Character’s Love Interests

Life is Strange: True Colors

First gameplay has been shared of Life is Strange: True Colors in a new video. The video sees lead character Alex Chen perusing the Haven Spring’s Record Store and encountering two characters: Steph Gingrich and Ryan Lucan. Alex is bisexual and both Steph and Ryan are potential romantic interests. Players of Before the Storm will already be familiar with Steph. Here she runs the local radio station – the way she flirts with Alex who shyly responds is adorable. There’s also DLC planned specifically for players to learn more about Steph’s past. Ryan, meanwhile, is a sweet and unassuming “tree … Read more

REVIEW: Boyfriend Dungeon Videogame

Boyfriend Dungeon Videogame

Beyond the stalking controversy, Boyfriend Dungeon is all about the rush of young queer love. Dating in Boyfriend Dungeon is much like real life. There are good times of fun and flirting and emotional connection. And then there are low points. It’s not long after the game’s release and already there is much discourse around the theme of stalking in the game. Yes, there is a character in the game who stalks the player and offers unwanted advances. He also misgenders a non-binary character at one point. He’s called Eric and he’s an arsehole. Even with the content warning at … Read more