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Merriam-Webster Makes “Bisexual” Definition More Inclusive

Merriam Webster - bisexual

The definition of ‘bisexual’ in the Merriam-Webster dictionary has been updated to encompass gender as well as sex, making it more inclusive of trans identities. The progressive move is thanks to bisexual advocate Robyn Ochs, who reached out to Merriam-Webster in January 2019 asking them to change their definition of ‘bisexual’ to a term that embraces the full gender spectrum. Full Story from Pink News

VIDEO GAMES: Pink White or Blue Focuses on Gender Identity and Dysphoria

Pink White or Blue

Pink White or Blue is a new video game by Esmada Interactive that follows a young person as they navigate the world unsure of where they belong. In the narrative story, which features some elements of horror, you play a transgender person trying to cope with a binary world. The Game ‘You start Pink White or Blue as a feminine character in a beautiful country ranch, picking flowers and spending time with the horses that roam there. It’s an idyllic life, full of beauty and happiness, but you find pages of a comic book that tell a story of someone … Read more

FOR WRITERS: A Scientific Basis for Gender Identity

crystal ball

FOR WRITERS Today’s writer topic comes from QSFer J. Scott Coatsworth: Our news article today: Suggests that scientists may have found a group of genes responsible for gender identity. Whether or not it’s true, it brought to mind a question. How would this change things for transgender, enby and gender fluid folks in society? Pull out your crystal balls and forecast the ramifications in society, good and bad. Join the chat

Scientists Discover Genes That Could Be Responsible For Gender Identity

DNA - Pixabay

Scientists believe they have identified genetic variants that may play a role in gender identity, giving backing to gender dysphoria having a physical basis. This is the first time a panel of genes, including DNA, involved in the development of nerve cells and the manufacture of sex hormones, that could help explain why someone might experience their gender as different from what they were assigned at birth has been discovered, The Times reports. “It lends legitimacy, if that needs to be added, that transgender is not a choice but a way of being,” said geneticist Ricki Lewis. “I think people … Read more