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ANNOUNCEMENT: The Might of the Coming Vril-Ya – RR Pearl

The Might of the Vril-Ya - RR Pearl

QSFer RR Pearl has a new MM urban fantasy/paranormal romance out, The Watchers book 2.5: The Might of the Coming Vril-Ya.

Between their adventures with the Praesidum, Alexander, Rafe, Clemy, and Nori wind up in Poland, investigating a strange connection between an ancient species and Nazi forces. When Clemy’s obnoxious ex turns up, the gang and their new friend Jacob will have to combat their own secret fears – and a horde of ravening vampires to boot!

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Alec, Rafe, Clemy, Nori, and Jacob padded down the dimly lit tunnel of Project Riese, looking over the scarce remains that were left behind years ago.

“I can’t believe that twat Vinton is in the area,” Alec whispered to Clemy.

“I know. Weird, right? No matter, my darling numpty. We left him up north.” Clemy smiled.

“That guy just always rubs me the wrong way, Clemy. He was never good enough for ye, and he’s always bringing trouble with him, no matter where he goes. I still can’t figure how ye could have been attracted to him in the first place. You’re both so different.”

Clemy stopped walking, which gave Alec pause.

“What? The guy’s a complete and utter twat.”

Clemy titled her head to the side, grimacing, glanced at Rafe, and then back at Alec.

Alec smiled widely and guffawed. “Ach, ye can’t compare Rafe and me to that… that coc oen!”

Clemy laughed and shook her head. “All I meant is that opposites attract.”

“Hey, what are you two doing back there? Keep up,” Rafe called over his shoulder, stopping to wait for Alec and Clemy.

“Come on, before we get lost in this place.” Clemy urged Alec onward. “So, tell me, how are you and Rafe doing?”

“We’re really doing well—minus the secrets he’s still keeping from me.”

“Remember, Alec—give him the time he needs to open up to you. Not everyone wears the heart on their sleeve, like you.”

“Now what are you two arguing about?” Rafe called.

Alec stopped and looked up into Rafe’s blazing jade eyes, realizing they had caught up to the others a little more quickly than expected.

“Oh, just the usual, big guy. Nothing important,” Clemy said with a giant smile.

“There you two are. I thought we might have lost you,” Jacob said, smiling.

“This place is fascinating—but so marred by how it was constructed and operated by slave labor,” Nori said wistfully.

“Sad, but very true, Nori. But follow me—the research lab I want to show you is just up ahead. There are Vril markings on some of the walls, which I want you to see.” Jacob gestured ahead.

The group continued walking further down the tunnels, into the gloomy depths.

“So, what were you two talking about back there?” Nori asked in an undertone.

“Oh, Alec’s still going on about Vinton.”

“Ah, I thought so. You really don’t like him, Alec, do you?” Nori asked.

“Like? What’s to like? Mr. Adventure is a total twat!” Alec spat.

As the group turned into the lab, they all stopped short in the entrance to see Vinton and two other men looking
through paperwork and taking pictures of the room.

“I thought I heard my favorite boy scout. How are you, Alec old boy? Hello, Clemy—and I see Nori is with you as
well,” Vinton boomed.

“Och shite, it’s ye. Why are ye here, and how did ye know we were here in the first place?” Alec said, grinding his teeth.

“Oops. I might have said we were down here for research when we met at the Crooked Forest,” Clemy apologized to Alec.

“Well, my love, you made it sound so fascinating that I had to grab some of the boys and come down to take a look. Plus, how could I pass up an opportunity to see Alec again?”

Vinton grinned slyly at Alec.

Rafe stepped closer, doing his best to loom over Vinton. “And who do we have here? I believe introductions are due, Clemy,” Rafe said in a firm, calm tone.

Vinton gave Rafe a slow glance from foot to head, stopping on two blazing jade-colored eyes boring into his soul.

“Rafe, Jacob, this is Vinton Delman Remington,” Clemy muttered.

“Clemy’s ex,” Alec added, rolling his eyes.

“Doctor Vinton Delman Remington, Clemy, my love. Let’s not forget the doctor part.”

“Doctor of what, precisely?” Jacob asked.

“Archeology, among other things,” Vinton boasted.

Author Bio

I reside in idyllic Newport, Rhode Island along with my two fur-babies. Two incredibly precocious Chihuahuas bent on ruling the planet, and I believe they are getting close. Oliver Winston and Victoria Alexandrina know they at least rule me. They seem to spend their day causing trouble and making my life just a little more exciting than it already is. I have begun to write LGBTQ+ romance, action/adventure. As well as a smattering of paranormal romance thrown in for good measure. I have just begun my official writing career, although I have been writing plays and scripts since I was in grammar school. So, come along for the ride! I promise some thrills, chills, lots of laughter and, fun, and some utterly amazing original characters.

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