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New Release: Inflicted – Leo Otherland

Inflicted - Leo Otherland

QSFer Leo Otherland has a new speculative fiction collection out (horror, science fantasy, space opera, urban fantasy – ace, gay, lesbian, non-binary, trans FTM): Inflicted. “Pain is pain. It all hurts the same.” Inflicted with dark desire, one man chooses between idyllic pretense and disturbing reality. Haunted by the silence of deep space, an engineer chases an eerie melody. Torn between penance and pride, a dishonored prince challenges the course of history. Suffering cracks our hearts and splinters our minds. It scars and alters us in irreversible ways. Yet while pain breaks us apart, it also binds us together. Our … Read more

New Release: Alternative Holidays Anthology

Alternative Holidays anthology

QSFer Alicia Hilton has a new queer fantasy short in the new anthology Alternative Holidays. Alternative Holidays is an anthology that takes a dark—and sometimes humorous—look at many of our favorite holidays. You’ll be transported from the bottom of the sea to Mount Olympus, from shopping malls in hell to a bathtub in a cheap motel. Cthulhu awakens. Cupid becomes a vigilante. Santa grants deadly wishes. And that’s just the beginning of your journey into alternative visions of the holidays we know, love, and sometimes fear. Get It At Amazon | Publisher Excerpt Cupid’s Confessionby Alicia Hilton A nude sphinx … Read more

TV: Gotham Knights Casts Young LGBTQ+ Heroes

Gotham Knights comic

Two LGBT+ superheroes have been officially been cast for the upcoming Batman spin-off series, Gotham Knights. Tyler DiChiara and Fallon Smythe will play siblings in The CW pilot, Variety reported, with a view to becoming series regulars. Based on the DC comic series of the same name, Gotham Knights takes place after the death of Bruce Wayne, aka Batman. Wayne’s son goes on to create an alliance with the children of Batman’s enemies, who have been framed for his murder. Full Story from Pink News

ANNOUNCEMENT: The Might of the Coming Vril-Ya – RR Pearl

The Might of the Vril-Ya - RR Pearl

QSFer RR Pearl has a new MM urban fantasy/paranormal romance out, The Watchers book 2.5: The Might of the Coming Vril-Ya. Between their adventures with the Praesidum, Alexander, Rafe, Clemy, and Nori wind up in Poland, investigating a strange connection between an ancient species and Nazi forces. When Clemy’s obnoxious ex turns up, the gang and their new friend Jacob will have to combat their own secret fears – and a horde of ravening vampires to boot! Get It At Amazon Excerpt Alec, Rafe, Clemy, Nori, and Jacob padded down the dimly lit tunnel of Project Riese, looking over the … Read more

FOR READERS: Favorite Queer Spec Fic Winter Holiday Tales

christmas pixabay

FOR READERS Today’s reader topic comes from QSFer Scott: Readers, bring me your favorite queer speculative fiction winter holiday tales – Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Festivus, Christmas, Solstice, New Year’s… and why you love them. Links please! Writers: This is a reader chat – you are welcome to join it, but please do not reference your own works directly. Thanks! Join the chat: FB:

ANNOUNCEMENT: The Qinali Virus, by Valerie J. Mikles

The Qinali Virus

QSFer Valerie J. Mikles has a new queer sci fi book out: “The Qinali Virus.” Rage. Poverty. Disease. They’re gone. Every last one. The cost was great. The population has been devastated. But for the survivors, utopia has arrived. Then the suspicious death of a young person forces Amber to question her world like she never has before. The Contentedness Council is after her, determined to protect their perfect society. Now Amber must unbury her city’s repressed past, expose the crimes that led to their utopia, and find a way to stop the Council from killing the world… again. Join … Read more

REVIEW: Isolation, by Jade Black


Title: Isolation Series: Planet Alpha Book 16 Author: Jade Black Genre: Futuristic Fiction, Science Fiction, Aliens, Reverse Harem, Bisexuality, MMF Romance, Fiction, Romance LGBTQ+ Category: Bisexual Publisher: Evernight Publishing Pages: 76 Reviewer: Phoebe, Paranormal Romance Guild Get It On Amazon About The Book Leah has one goal in life: to find a new planet for the humans ineligible to be Alphan mates. When the trading ship she purchased a berth on docks with a scout ship, her lack of ability to tell the difference between Alphans and Xyrans gets her into trouble. Unwilling to leave the human with the vulnerable trade … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT: The Titan, by T.A. Venedicktov

The Titan

QSFer T.A. Venedicktov has a new queer sci fi book out, book two in the Chrysalis Corporation series: “The Titan.” The Titan. The largest battleship to exist and the place where fighter pilot Damion was sure he’d die beside his lover, Requiem, a human-AI hybrid. Their ship is set to explode in seconds—but when the countdown ends, they find themselves at the mercy of the rebel leader, Athena. She offers help, but Damion knows it won’t come for free. What is he willing to do to ensure Requiem’s survival and liberate him from the Corporation that holds his fate in their … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT/GIVEAWAY: Peacemaker, by E.M. Hamill

Peacemaker - E.M. Hamill

E.M. Hamill has a new queer sci fi book out, book two in the Dalí Tamareia series: “Peacemaker.” Third-gender operative Dalí Tamareia thought their life as an ambassador ended when they joined a galactic intelligence agency. When they’re yanked out of the field and tapped to negotiate the surrender of deadly bio-engineered warriors who crashed into hostile territory, Dalí is thrust headfirst back into the tumultuous world of galactic diplomacy. Dalí has faced Shontavians before, but not like these. The stranded mercenaries are highly intelligent and have an agenda of their own. Dalí can’t afford to be distracted from the … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT: A Touch of Darkness, by Nita Round

A Touch of Darkness - Nita Round

QSFer Nita Round has a rereleased FF steampunk/fantasy out, book three of “The Towers of the Earth”: “A Touch of Darkness.” In the shadows, treachery and betrayal grow unseen. The state funeral of Princess Olivia at Port Ruth marks the end of the Queen of the Desert’s reign of terror. As Lucinda, Magda and Ascara attend this grand ceremony, all is not as it seems. A storm of secrets and lies emerge from the shadows and the darkness threatens to destroy them all. No matter where Magda goes, her heritage calls to her. Even when they make their way home, … Read more