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Creating New Creatures: Night Vision, Amelia Bishop

QSFer Amelia Bishop has a new paranormal MM romance book out: Hi QueerSciFi-ers! Thank you to J. Scott for having me on the blog to promote my paranormal Romance Night Vision (which released today!!) I’m really happy to be here. :) I thought for my guest post, I’d skip over the Romance part of my writing and focus on the paranormal part. More specifically, the paranormal creatures themselves. Popular creatures, like vampires, werewolves (and/or shifters), Witches, & Fae, populate most of our paranormal fiction. Ghosts, zombies, demons, angels, and other assorted creatures show up often, as well. But what about … Read more

Announcement: Frankie’s Vamp, by Toni Griffin

Amber Quill author Toni Griffin has a new paranormal MM romance out: The second Frankie Reynold’s boyfriend takes a hand to him, he is out of there. Frankie isn’t hanging around to see if the man will do it again. Now, if only his ex-boyfriend will take the hint and disappear from his life. Needing a night out to forget his troubles, Frankie heads to Hot Encounters nightclub…only to come face-to-face with a master vampire who wants Frankie for his very own. Merrick Winters is a five-hundred-year-old vampire bored with life and the monotony of the same men throwing themselves … Read more

Announcement: Fantasy Collection, by Mav Anthony

Mav Anthony at Torquere Press has a new erotic Fantasy book out: Submission and kink are explored in these four fantasy tales featuring two couples. In Willing Fire and Gilded Cage, Simeon gives into his Lord Mikjial’s desires – and his own – falling in love as he serves his master. While in Floating and Soaring, Aaron learns all sorts of wicked things as he bows to Aime’s desires. All stories originally published as individual stories. Excerpt Simeon hurried down the stone halls, slippered feet making no noise as they padded, hurried faster and faster. They had tried to put … Read more

Me Me Monday!

Welcome to ME ME MONDAY at our FB discussion group – your chance to pop in and tell us about your latest success. Have a new book or short story coming out? Let us know. Just sell something? Let us know so we can cheer you on. HOW IT WORKS: I’ll pin this topic to the top of our FB discussion page for the day. –Please post your announcement as a separate post, so I can also share it over to our FB page (as opposed to this discussion group). –If you want, send me your book announcement info at … Read more

Announcement: Poseidon, by Cree Storm

QSFer Cree Storm has the fifth book out in her Twelve Labors historical fantasy MM series out: Hunter has never liked pompous, overbearing men, and that was Poseidon. When Hunter is told he is Poseidon’s mate he refuses to have anything to do with the God of Atlantis. Fearful of Hera and Aries’ wrath, Hunter is taken to Atlantis, where Poseidon must convince Hunter he is not the man Hunter thinks he is before it’s too late. When Hunter has a run in with mermen determined to go to war against the people from the land below, he decides that … Read more

Announcement: Dark Waters, by Chris Quinton

QSFer Chris Quinton has a paranormal book that’s just out in paperback: Flein is a wanderer by instinct and need, roaming the known world as the fancy takes him. In the Highland village of Glenfinnan, women have been raped and brutally murdered. The killer is a waterhorse, a monstrous shapeshifter by all accounts. But when Flein meets Donnchadh, first in its equine form, then its man-shape, he knows the waterhorse is innocent. Flein is drawn to the shapeshifter, but he finds it difficult to acknowledge it’s more than a monster. Donnchadh, though wary, shares the same attraction. They join forces … Read more

Announcements: Gilded Scarab; and Gyrfalcon, by Anna Butler

Today we have a special announcement – a blog post from QSFer Anna Butler, who’s doing a blog tour to promote not one, but two new books: Ever had one of those weeks were someone’s stuck rollerskates under your boots and you’re being whizzed along without feeling you’re still in control? The world is rushing past you and you’re galloping to catch up, trying to cram a lot of real excitement into a very few days? Welcome to my world! Valentine’s Day tomorrow, then next Monday, 16th February, my first novel — a steampunk coffeehouse adventure m/m romance called The … Read more

Announcement: Hearts and Minds, by M.D. Grimm

QSFer MD Grimm has a new paranormal book out – Hearts and Minds (sequel to Healing Minds, part of The Shifters series): With the construction for their shifter rehabilitation clinic in Haven underway, Xavier and Josh couldn’t be happier, professionally. But their busy lives leave them little alone time. It’s putting a strain on their relationship, and they still haven’t had anything close to a honeymoon. Josh realizes Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and sees an opportunity he can’t let get away. But never having observed the holiday before, he has no idea what Xavier might want. All … Read more

Announcement: The Last Grand Master, by Andrew Q. Gordon

QSFer Andrew Q. Gordon has a new Fantasy book out: In a war that shook the earth, the six gods of Nendor defeated their brother Neldin, god of evil. For three thousand years, Nendor and the Seven Kingdoms have known peace and prosperity and Neldin’s evil was nearly forgotten. But then Meglar, wizard king of Zargon, unleashes the dark magic of the underworld and creates an army of creatures to carry out his master’s will. One by one, the sovereign realms fall as a new war between the gods threatens to engulf Nendor. Leading the opposition to Meglar is Grand … Read more

Info on DSPP – Dreamspinner’s New Genre Fiction Imprint

It was launched about 10 months ago, but DSPP is starting to gather steam now. Here’s some information from the Press about what they are doing: More than one hundred authors applauded the announcement of a new publishing imprint that will strive to reach into reader-favorite fiction genres. Elizabeth North, Executive Director of Dreamspinner Press LLC, explained at Dreamspinner’s third annual Authors’ Workshop that DSP Publications is a boutique imprint producing quality fiction that will seek to push the envelope to present immersive, unique, and unforgettable reading experiences. “We are choosing stories that beg to be told, tales that depart … Read more