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New Release: Bite Club – Eule Grey

Bite Club - Eule Grey

QSFer Eule Grey has a new MM fantasy romance out: Bite Club. Lenni lives on the civilised side of the wall, a hard worker who follows the rules. Super-fit and healthy, with everything he could wish for; an office, app-friends, and enough medications to suppress the extraneous. Like everyone in his country, Lenni’s safe. So why does the big, handsome guy cry each night? What of his aching heart and empty arms? When supervisor Lion offers a place in Bite Club, why would Lenni jump at the chance to cross the forbidden wall? Fighting? It doesn’t make sense. Maybe that’s … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT: The River City Chronicles Audiobook – J. Scott Coatsworth

The River City Chronicles Audiobook - J. Scott Coatsworth

J. Scott Coatsworth’s LGBTQ+ magical realism “circle of friends” book The River City Chronicles is out in audiobook format! And there’s a giveaway. Everyone in the River City has a secret, and sooner or later secrets always come out. A group of strangers meets at Ragazzi, an Italian restaurant, for a cooking lesson that will change them all. They quickly become intertwined in each other’s lives, and a bit of magic touches each of them. Meet Dave, the consultant who lost his partner; Matteo and Diego, the couple who runs the restaurant; recently widowed Carmelina; Marcos, a web designer getting too old … Read more

Review: “Quarry” by Elizabeth Noble

Title: Quarry Series: The Vampire Guard #2 Author: Elizabeth Noble Genre: Gay Paranormal Mystery Publisher: DSP Publications Pages: 200 Blurb The members of the Vampire Guard—Jonas Forge, spy and soldier turned cop; computer hacker extraordinaire Blair Turner; Declan, thief, con man, and ex-pirate; and medical examiner and werewolf Dr. Lucas Coate—face a dangerous and elusive enemy. And this time, it’s personal. Over the course of three hundred years, a man has touched each of their lives in ways they are only just realizing. When a hunt for a psychotic killer in the present resurrects memories and clues from the past, … Read more

Review: “Dark Blood” by Caleb James

Genre: Gay Mystery/Thriller Length: Novel Series: Dark Blood Saga #1   MILES FOX is a brilliant and caring doctor, who seems to have everything going for him, except that crush on his best friend, never to be requited, and that super dangerous secret he’s kept about himself since childhood, you know, the one where he has magical powers and listens to his dead ancestors in his head and shit. Or maybe he’s just crazy. Besides that, he’s doing good. That is until someone discovers his secrets, and comes after him. Miles finds himself on the run, hunted at every turn … Read more

Review: “Lines of Sight” by Wolf Specter and Clara Coyle

Genre: Gay Paranormal Mystery/Thriller Length: Novel Series: Covert Investigations #1   RUSS CALLAHAN is a private investigator. His job is to expose other people’s secrets, and when he gets an assignment to uncover the wrongdoer in Accelera Pharmaceutical Labs, it becomes clear Daniel Langston is a man of many secrets. Not only that, but Daniel seems to always be one step ahead of Russ, and knows more about him than anyone should. Russ quickly uncovers a plot that could ruin Accelera, ruin him, and put everyone he’s ever loved in danger. If he doesn’t act, the bad guys could walk … Read more

70’s Gay Pulp Covers

70s Gay Pulp Covers

Ah, the gay ’70s. Post-Stonewall, pre-AIDS — it was a time of sexual liberation not to mention some seriously thick mustaches. What better way to let off a little of that hyper-sexual steam in a world without the internet that with a little paperback pulp? The titles alone of the below smattering of pulp pleasures are enough to get us smirking — Saddle Buddy, Holler Uncle,The Big Pipe, The Meat Eaters, Jump Squad… But it’s the covers we really love, showcasing the decade’s hottest trends, from turtle necks to fur-lined coats. Original Article at Towleroad

Review: “Urban Shaman” by Lyn Gala

Genre: Gay Urban Paranormal Length: Novel Note: I’m going to come right out and say it. I’ve reviewed Lyn Gala before—because she’s absolutely phenomenal. So this review is going to be totally bias. You’ve been warned. (Okay, I’m sort of joking about this review being a complete fangirl moment. Sort of.) Detective Miguel Rassin, the precinct’s biggest troublemaker, knows he’s being punished when he gets paired with the precinct’s biggest asshole, Detective Rob Jackson. In an act of either complete brilliance or desperation (or both), the captain blesses the duo with the most sensitive case in this part of New … Read more

The Sci of Scifi: Integrating LGBT Characters

I wish there wasn’t a gay fiction category. There are many reasons people read and write fiction of any genre with gay characters. My favorite type of story is not the one where the focus is on a character being gay. I love the story where the main character(s) just happen to be gay. Being gay shouldn’t be considered a character flaw so it stands to reason it shouldn’t be what defines a character. I think it’s great when a book/TV show/movie has characters that also happen to be gay. Their sexual orientation doesn’t need to be the story line. The … Read more

Channing Tatum To Play The World’s Last Straight Man In Coming Sci-Fi Flick

The Forever War

Warner Bros. has just snatched up The Forever War, an adaptation of the classic sci-fi novel by Joe Haldeman, with Channing Tatum set to star. The film follows William Mandella, a young student enlisted by Earth’s leaders to help fight the alien Taurans. But his travels through space create a time distortion, meaning while only a few years passes for William, centuries go by on Earth. When he returns home, he doesn’t recognize the planet, which now has one homogenous race and a new language and values. Also new: Overpopulation has led to heterosexually being outlawed. As the leader of … Read more

Announcement: Matters of Scale, by BR Sanders

Matters of Scale

Inkstained Succubus author and QSFer BR Sanders has a new steampunk book out: Moshel has hidden himself away for years, trying to keep the emotions of others from driving him mad. It’s in mechanics alone that he can find relief, the reliable tick of clockwork his escape. It’s only when he meets his counterpart, Tovah, that he realizes all may not be as it seems in his world, and there may be a way to change it. It’s all a matter of scale. Buy Links Inky Suky Store: Click Here Author Bio B R Sanders is a white, genderqueer writer … Read more