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Review: Proud Pink Sky – Redfern Jon Barrett

Proud Pink Sky - Redfern Jon Barrett

Genre: Alt. History, Fantasy LGBTQ+ Category: Bi, Gay, Gender Fluid, Lesbian, Non-Binary, Poly, Trans FTM, Trans MTF, Queer Reviewers: Lucy & Eliza B. Get It At Amazon | Publisher | B&N | Book Depository About The Book QSFer Redfern Jon Barrett has a new queer cyberpunk alt-history book out: Proud Pink Sky. Proud Pink Sky breaks down the binary between utopia and dystopia—presenting an ambitopian vision of the world’s first gay state. A glittering metropolis of 24 million people, Berlin is a bustling world of pride parades, polyamorous trysts, and even an official gay language. Its distant radio broadcasts are a lifeline for teenagers William and Gareth, … Read more

Review: Split/Scream 2 – Cynthia Gómez, M. Lopes da Dilva

Split/Scream 2

Genre: Horror LGBTQ+ Category: Lesbian; Lesbian, Non-Binary Reviewer: Eliza Get It On Amazon About The Book “The Shivering World” by Cynthia Gómez – Nayeli’s brilliance should be enough to outshine the darkness she longs to leave behind, but she fears she’ll never get further than what her unstable mother can provide: a futon in a garage. She’s determined to transfer to a good college and get out, but the men in her life—a violent neighbor, a greedy landlord, her mother’s predatory boyfriend—stand in her way. Only once she encounters the supernatural, a being she suspects to be La Llorona herself, does Nayeli … Read more

Review: Split/Scream Volume One

Split/Scream Volume One

Genre: Horror LGBTQ+ Category: One story has gay characters Reviewer: Eliza Get It On Amazon About The Book Dread Stone Press presents SPLIT SCREAM, a new Horror Novelette Double Feature. This is Volume One. Grab some popcorn, turn the lights low, and don’t be afraid to scream. FEATURING: “The Guts of Myth” – Carson Winter It’s 1973. British-American thug Byron is tasked with finding the occultist Allosaurus D’Ambrosere, given only handwritten instructions and two hateful associates. Where they’re going, they’ll find blood red skies, obsidian towers, and a deep thirst for violence. But will they find the man who calls … Read more