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Review: Midwinter Firelight – K.L. Noone

Midwinter Firelight - K.L. Noone

Genre: Historical, Fantasy, Romance

LGBTQ+ Category: Bisexual, Gay

Reviewer: Whiskey November

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About The Book

Kit Thompson, empath and Bow Street Preternatural Division constable, is looking forward to Midwinter. His lover Harry, Viscount Sommersby, is visiting, and Kit has plans to show Harry his London … and plans for Harry in his bedroom.

But Kit’s Chief Magistrate needs him. And the case is important. Personal. Taking up Kit’s time.

Even worse, Harry wants to help. And Kit could use Harry’s magical talents. But that means endangering Harry … something Kit’s sworn never to do.

The Review

Full disclosure: I am a fan of this author and have read everything they’ve published. Thus when I had the chance to snatch up this new title for review, I was all over it.

Midwinter Firelight features a magical early-1800s setting, in which the magic tracks with Noone’s A Demon for Midwinter and related titles, and in which the main characters previously appeared in the novella ‘Snowed In: Harry and Kit.’ Harry is a young viscount with a wild talent; Kit is an empath employed by a preternatural investigations division of the Bow Street Runners.

Can it be read as a stand-alone? Yes. All the essential setting and character details are here. Being a novelette/short story, it’s natural that the available words are devoted entirely to the central problems and not to additional world-building.

Those central problems begin with Kit’s boss asking him to look into some art thefts. As Noone readers might expect, there are no unforgivable villains in this story and while a future story involving the thief is teased, the core questions are answered.

As Noone readers might also expect, there is sex on the page and it is of the D/s variety with a caregiving Dom and praise-kinked sub.

Should you be seeking a warmhearted semi-historical bedtime story, I recommend Midwinter Firelight.

The Reviewer

Whiskey November is an urban professional with close family & friendship ties to the LGBTQ+ community. She supports the work of GLAAD, Broadway Cares, and the Los Angeles LGBT Center, among others. She reads in excess of 250 books a year (romance, mystery, science fiction, history, and memoir) and is a self-published writer of contemporary and historical romance.

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