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Review: Chaos and Conjurations – K.L. Noone & K.S. Murphy

Chaos & Conjurations - K.L. Noone & K.S. Murphy

Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Historical (Regency) LGBTQ+ Category: Bi, Gay Reviewer: Whiskey November Get It At Amazon About The Book Captain Henry Tourmaline is having nightmares again. And this time he’s not even cursed. But Henry is worried. He might be healed — but the healing spell left his lover Theo in pain, their magic tangled together. They’ve uncovered an ominous plot — but, without evidence, the Royal College of Wizardry refuses to believe them. And Theo’s brother, the Duke of Baselton, wants to meet Henry — but also wants to introduce Theo to a wealthy baron, a more suitable match … Read more

Review: Villains – K.L. Mitchell

Villains - K. L. Mitchell

Genre: Fantasy LGBTQ+ Category: Lesbian Reviewer: Whiskey November Get It On Amazon About The Book After saving the kingdom, you’d think Revka and her Centaur girlfriend Iyarra would have earned a nice long rest. But when they head down to the Enchanted Forest (the magical land where all stories come from), the place is run down, the natives are surly, and someone is stealing all of the villains. Turns out, that’s a bad thing. So nothing will do except the girls must run around the forest, hunting up mad scientists, sneaking around underground lairs, and uniting with a group of … Read more

Review: Midwinter Firelight – K.L. Noone

Midwinter Firelight - K.L. Noone

Genre: Historical, Fantasy, Romance LGBTQ+ Category: Bisexual, Gay Reviewer: Whiskey November Get It On Amazon About The Book Kit Thompson, empath and Bow Street Preternatural Division constable, is looking forward to Midwinter. His lover Harry, Viscount Sommersby, is visiting, and Kit has plans to show Harry his London … and plans for Harry in his bedroom. But Kit’s Chief Magistrate needs him. And the case is important. Personal. Taking up Kit’s time. Even worse, Harry wants to help. And Kit could use Harry’s magical talents. But that means endangering Harry … something Kit’s sworn never to do. The Review Full … Read more